The next Samsung Galaxy Fold may have been leaked

It looks like Samsung company isn’t done with foldable smartphones

The next Samsung Galaxy Fold may have been leaked 1

The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn’t look like it will be the last foldable device that the company releases if some leaked images are to be believed.

Late last month, Motorola announced that it would be releasing a vertically-folding smartphone, with this being a throwback to its RAZR device. Almost immediately after, Samsung suggested that it might also come out with a clamshell folding phone. Based on apparently leaked images, it looks as though this device is already in development.

Several images were posted to Weibo by user Ice Universe, which purports to show the phone in use. However, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as nothing has been officially confirmed. That said, there are a few indications that this phone is legit.

Perhaps the most notable are reports by Bloomberg from back in March that suggested Samsung was making a Galaxy Fold with a clamshell-like fold. This would match with the design of the device that has been spreading across Weibo.

Alongside this, the silhouette of the device matches up somewhat well with concept images that Samsung released in October. As such, this could be an early prototype of the next-gen Galaxy Fold that the company may be working on. However, the device’s design is likely to change in the coming months.

Also, if recent reports are to be believed, then the next Samsung Galaxy Fold will be released for a much more affordable price than its predecessor. According to some reports, it’s expected to retail for $845, which is significantly less than the $1,980 the current edition retails for.

Source: The Verge
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