The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see

These nails art designs are so bizarre, they’ll leave you scratching your head for days

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 2

The last few decades have seen lots of amazing innovations in the nail art scene. For one, cosmetic manufacturers have created a wide variety of new nail polishes to meet the different needs and lifestyles of consumers. These include magnetic nail polish, peptide-infused nail lacquer, and eco-friendly and vegan nail polish, just to name a few.

Advancements in technology have also paved the way for more realistic-looking nail extensions, press-on nails, and sticker nails. New nail art tools have also been invented, including polish correcting pen, dotter tool, striping tape and brush, and more.

While all these new products are welcome additions to any nail technician’s arsenal, the final look of a nail art design still primarily relies on the artist’s level of creativity. And if you’ve been keeping tabs on the recent nail trends on social media, you’ve probably noticed that more and more artists have taken their game to a completely new level, resulting in some of the most insane nail art designs ever. Below is a list of some of those extremely absurd nails that will either fascinate you or creep you out:

#1 Hairy leg nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 3
Credit: Instagram/isthisyourmani

This nail art is something you probably don’t expect to exist, but here it is giving onlookers some real discomfort. Featuring nail extensions that are shaped in the form of legs and feet, these nails are literally the stuff of nightmares. As if the leg and foot figures are not enough to cause anxiety, the artist behind it even sprinkled tiny threads of real hair on it, creating a more horrifying look.

#2 Nose Nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 4
Credit: Instagram/isthisyourmani

Featuring 3D figures of noses made from a clay-like material, this terrifying nail art will take your botched plastic surgery Halloween costume to the next level. Obviously, wearing these nails on a regular day isn’t a smart move, unless, of course, you want to creep people out in a huge way.

#3 Tooth nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 5
Credit: Instagram/dentalarthumor

These tooth nails look so real, and that what makes them terrifying to stare at. While this nail art would be perfect for a zombie dentist Halloween costume, getting it as part of your regular outfit is a big no-no unless you need to pre-chew your food before it reaches your mouth.

#4 Octopus nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 6
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

While the artist behind this nail art design deserves an A+ for her extraordinary creativity, these long and curvy Octopus nails are a little icky to look at, as the suckers beneath the slimy arms seem really lifelike. For practical reasons, this nail art is not for everyday use, but it would be an incredible addition to any Ursula costume.

#5 Corkscrew nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 7
Credit: Instagram/kiaraskynails

Though not as creepy as the last two, these corkscrew-inspired nails might still put you off at first glance. But once their weird shape grows on you, you’re going to realize that they’re actually not bad at all. Coated with a glittery polish with sparkly rhinestones on top of it, these fancy corkscrew nails are perfect for fairytale-themed cosplay costumes.

#6 Pumpkin pie nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 8
Credit: Instagram/hiptall

With a glossy brown finish similar to the color of a pumpkin pie’s filling, these nails look like real slices of the favorite holiday dessert. For a more realistic look, one of the nails is even decorated with a fake flaky crust and a dollop of whipped cream. While wearing these nails on a regular day would probably be frowned upon, we’re pretty sure that anyone who would dare to wear these on Thanksgiving Day would be the star of the holiday.

#7 Cheese grater nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 9
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

If you love to put cheese on every single food you eat, then these outrageous cheese grater nails will come in handy. However, while they look very practical for all cheese lovers out there, these nails are made from actual sharp graters that work, so it’s very likely that you might get yourself or other people hurt while flaunting them around. Additionally, these nails seem really unsanitary, especially when you use them to grate cheese.

#8 Hair nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 10
Credit: Instagram/lalarileite

Unless you’re cosplaying as Sadako, then getting this hair nail art design is totally pointless. Having these long hair extensions attached to your nails prevents you from doing almost everything, because even the slightest hand movement can leave the hair strands stuck in random places, potentially causing bigger problems. It’s also every germophobe’s worst nightmare, as a lot of dirt would be caught up in the hair strands when you simply pick up something off the ground.

#9 Hair curler nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 11
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

While these hair nails have mini curlers that keep the hair strands neat and tidy, there’s no obvious reason why someone would want to get them. But if you enjoy seeing people around you get weird out, then having these nails on a regular day would do the trick for you.

#10 Billiard nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 12
Credit: instagram/nail_sunny

Inspired by the 15-ball pool game, this nail art design features a green polish with a texture similar to billiard tables’ tightly-woven worsted wool called baize. The grass-like paint is made more realistic with colorful tiny billiard balls waiting to be played with. Compared with most of the nail art designs in this list, these nails are pretty low-key and can be worn without attracting too much attention.

#11 Hennessy nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 13
Credit: Instagram/charlesmblow

These Hennessy -inspired nails are hands-down one of the most creative nail art you’ll ever see. The focal point of this masterpiece is a mini replica of the Hennessy Pure White bottle, which can actually hold a little amount of the popular fruit brandy. Though it may seem very cool to pour out a shot of Hennessy straight from the replica bottle, drinking it would definitely gross people out, especially if the alcohol has been in there for a long time.

#12 Mosquito nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 14
Credit: Instagram/lalarileite

In case you’re wondering, the mosquitoes in this nail art are 100% real. And while that’s what makes it unique from others, it’s also something that only a few people would appreciate. I mean, who would ever want nails with dead insects on it? Some entomologists maybe, but most people would likely be disgusted just by the thought of it.

#13 Face nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 15
Credit: Instagram/designdain

South Korean illusion artist Dain Yoon couldn’t get enough of her own face that she decided to make portraits of herself on five of her nails. Each self-portrait portrays a different emotion, so none of the nails is exactly the same. And as if nail paintings of Dain’s face are not disturbing enough, the artist also took some strands of her own hair and attached them at the bottom of each nail.

#14 School-themed nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 16
Credit: Instagram/cchanel_global

This nail art features different pieces of school-themed decoration. Its main design, however, is an elaborate three-dimensional Japanese school bag made entirely from scratch. While some female high school students would surely want to have these nails, we won’t be surprised if pre-school and kindergarten teachers would like to get them as well.

#15 Eraser nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 17
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

These nails are made from brightly-colored erasers that look a lot like marshmallow ropes. But unlike the soft and chewy confection, the erasers are sturdy enough to correct anything written or drawn in pencil.

#16 Colored pencil nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 18
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

Who would need Crayola or Faber-Castell if you have this kind of nails to begin with? Sculpted and shaped out of acrylic, these nails have actual colored pencil tips that make them usable. Though colors make anything better, colored pencils growing out of fingertips will always be a strange sight.

#17 Sushi nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 19
Credit: Instagram/oishiifoodtours

Probably the cutest nail art in this list, these nails feature different kinds of sushi, including salmon, shrimp, nigiri, sashimi, beef tartare, and even a Gudetama sushi. Each nail design looks lovely except for the slightly creepy fish head on one of the thumbs.

#18 Carrot nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 20
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

If you love carrots, then there’s a great chance you’d love this nail art too. Though pretty wholesome compared with most of the nail art designs in this list, these carrot nails would still grab onlookers’ attention because of its unique concept. Featuring hand-painted images of carrot plants, these nails are jazzed up with carrot-shaped nail extensions.

#19 Blinking eyes nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 21
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

If this nail art design doesn’t creep you out, then there’s probably something wrong with you. These nails feature a pair of doll eyes made entirely from scratch. Complete with perfectly arched eyebrows and silken eyelashes, the eyes have glittery gold eyelid makeup and additional pale red eyeshadow. The artwork itself is undeniably stunning, but having eye contact with these eyes — which can actually blink — will certainly bring chills down to your spine.

#20 Eyes nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 22
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

Like the blinking eyes nails, these eyes nails are also difficult to make, as gluing those fabulous lash extensions is a pretty meticulous task. Evidently, this nail art has a very fancy concept, but not everyone would be pleased to see a pair of tiny eyes on someone else’s fingers staring back at them.

#21 Kylie Jenner and baby Stormi nail

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 23
Credit: Instagram/nail_sunny

This nail art is inspired by Kylie Jenner’s viral photo showing her daughter Stormi’s hand wrapped around her thumb. Though that picture was one of the most-liked Instagram posts of 2018, we feel that only a few Kylie fans out there would be delighted to see this nail art. Made with clay sculptures of Stormi’s fingers and Kylie’s thumb, this nail looks so absurd, it may haunt your dreams for days.

#22 Swiss Army knife nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 24

If you’re trying to cosplay a toned-down version of Edward Scissorhands, then this nail art design will help you achieve that. Inspired by the popular Swiss Army knife, this set of nails features nail extensions shaped as corkscrew, wood saw blade, can opener, screwdriver, and knife. But since these nails look pretty sharp and pointy, wearing them may keep people away from you.

#23 Spoon and fork nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 25
Credit: Instagram/

If you’re wondering why someone would create these spoon and fork nails, then you’re not alone, as we’re also trying to figure out a logical reason behind it. But since the utensils appear to be real, it’s possible that the artist would like the wearer to use it. That idea, however, is just plain wrong, as eating food using your nails is one of the grossest things you could do.

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