The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see

These nails art designs are so bizarre, they’ll leave you scratching your head for days

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 14

The last few decades have seen lots of amazing innovations in the nail art scene. For one, cosmetic manufacturers have created a wide variety of new nail polishes to meet the different needs and lifestyles of consumers. These include magnetic nail polish, peptide-infused nail lacquer, and eco-friendly and vegan nail polish, just to name a few.

Advancements in technology have also paved the way for more realistic-looking nail extensions, press-on nails, and sticker nails. New nail art tools have also been invented, including polish correcting pen, dotter tool, striping tape and brush, and more.

While all these new products are welcome additions to any nail technician’s arsenal, the final look of a nail art design still primarily relies on the artist’s level of creativity. And if you’ve been keeping tabs on the recent nail trends on social media, you’ve probably noticed that more and more artists have taken their game to a completely new level, resulting in some of the most insane nail art designs ever. Below is a list of some of those extremely absurd nails that will either fascinate you or creep you out:

#1 Hairy leg nails

The creepiest nail art you’ll ever see 15
Credit: Instagram/isthisyourmani

This nail art is something you probably don’t expect to exist, but here it is giving onlookers some real discomfort. Featuring nail extensions that are shaped in the form of legs and feet, these nails are literally the stuff of nightmares. As if the leg and foot figures are not enough to cause anxiety, the artist behind it even sprinkled tiny threads of real hair on it, creating a more horrifying look.