Snickers is coming out with green candy bars

The new Halloween-themed Snickers bar has a ghoulish green nougat

Snickers Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars, one of Mars' 2022 Halloween candies

Mars, Incorporated has unveiled the latest Halloween-themed candy bar from Snickers, a few months ahead of this year’s trick-or-treat season.

Called Snickers Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars, these Halloween treats feature a ghoulish green nougat inspired by the popular green goo in the horror genre, which represents death, decay, and grotesque, among many others. Despite the unusual green nougat, these Snickers bars offer the same great taste that fans know and love. Check out the photo of the new Snickers bars above the article.

Snickers Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars release date

The Snickers Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars will be available in 9.79 oz bags at retailers nationwide starting in late August.

Mars 2022 Halloween candies

In addition to the Snickers Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars, Mars has also announced the launch of the following Halloween treats:

Twix Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars

Twix Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars, one of Mars' 2022 Halloween candies

The Twix Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars feature a ghoulish green cookie. Like the Snickers Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars, the green-colored component of these Twix bars doesn’t affect the luscious caramel and rich chocolate flavor of the beloved confection. Available in 9.79 oz bags, these Halloween treats will hit store shelves in late August.

M&M’s Mad Scientist Mix

M&M’S Mad Scientist Mix, one of Mars' 2022 Halloween candies

The M&M’S Mad Scientist Mix brings together three fan favorite flavors in one convenient bag, including Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Peanut. Perfect for any Halloween candy dish, these sweet treats will be available in 8oz bags at retailers across the country beginning in late August.

“As an authority on Halloween, Mars is committed to inspiring moments of everyday happiness for our fans – and that includes delivering our classic treats with a seasonal twist,” said Tim LeBel, President of Sales and Chief Halloween Officer at Mars Wrigley, in a press release. “From the candy dish to trick-or-treating, we have no doubt fans will delight in Mars’ seasonal offerings as we look forward to another fantastic Halloween season.”

Halloween candy shortage

While LeBel didn’t mention any supply challenges relating to Mars’ Halloween offerings, rival company Hershey expects the confectionery industry to suffer through a candy shortage throughout the trick-or-treat season due to supply chain issues.

“We will not be able to fully meet consumer demand [for Halloween candies] due to capacity constraints,” Hershey CEO Michele Buck said last during the company’s quarterly financial meeting last month. “Given many of our everyday and seasonal products are made on the same line, we have needed to balance production over the past several months to improve everyday on-shelf availability and build seasonal inventory at the same time.”

Buck continued: “We had [the] opportunity to deliver more Halloween [candies], but we weren’t able to supply that. We begin producing Halloween [candies] back in the spring, and that’s really when we needed to make these key decisions on what we were going to produce.”

Hershey warns of Halloween candy shortage l GMA
Sources: Mars, Incorporated, CNN
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