These service dogs visiting Disneyland will make your day

‘Every dog has its day… at Disneyland’

You’ve heard the saying that ‘every dog has its day.’ However, did you know that this is only a portion of that saying.

In its complete form, it reads: ‘every dog has its day… at Disneyland’, well that’s how it should be anyway.

OK… we may be bending the truth a little there, but just last week the resort did welcome a whole bunch of service dogs from the non-profit Canine Companions for Independence, along with the volunteers who are helping to raise the pups.

Canine Companions for Independence is and excellent organization that trains highly-skilled assistance dogs and then places them with children, adults and veterans with disabilities.

The pups, Aryssa, Essie, Chekov and Ortega all seemed to have a great time while at the park. Volunteer Laura Allen told FOX News that it wasn’t only fun, it was also helpful for the pups, who need to get to used to being around people they don’t instantly recognize.

Allen added that part of the volunteers’ job was to “socialize the puppies” and in fairness, this looks like a pretty fun way to do that.

The organization breed, raise and train these dogs. However, the report from FOX News didn’t clear up whether or not they join them on the all the great rides at Disney Land.

Luckily for the pup’s new owners, these dogs will now know their way around Disneyland.

Apparently, Pluto was happy to welcome his fellow dogs to the park. Goofy was less impressed though…