Samsung’s stunning BESPOKE fridge is pretty much customizable furniture

These beautiful fridges are colorful and customize-able – but they aren’t smart

Samsung Bespoke Fridge
Samsung Bespoke Fridge

Samsung is showing off their stunning BESPOKE refrigerator at IFA this week. The fridge allows buyers to customize their refrigerators to their kitchen’s needs and design. One of the most notable elements that buyers will be able to change is the front panel, which is available in three different materials; glam glass, satin glass, and cotta metal.

Each material can be found in various colors, with cotta metal coming in Charcoal, White, and Mint.
Satin glass will be available in Gray, Navy, Coral, and Yellow, while glam glass comes in a more limited white or pink.

Beyond the front panel, buyers will also be able to customize the interior design concept for the refrigerator too. Samsung says that there will be eight types of the BESPOKE refrigerator, with these ranging from 1-door to 4-door units. Unfortunately, the fridges won’t offer any smart features.

Another announcement from Samsung at IFA 2019 came in the form of a Dual Cook Steam Oven, which is the first in the company’s line of premium built-in products. The oven is available in satin glass and comes with several multi-cooking abilities, as well as a modern design.

Speaking about the new announcements, Harry Choi, Corporate SVP, Head of Design Team at Samsung Electronics, noted:

“European consumers have a preference for built-in style kitchens and a desire to reflect the family’s identity and personal taste in their interior design. We are excited to see how Samsung’s new lifestyle innovations of quality craftsmanship and innovations such as the BESPOKE satisfy the unique needs of each household.”

So far, a release date and price for the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator and the Dual Cook Steam Oven haven’t been announced, but we certainly hope that they make their way over to the U.S.

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