Samsung Family Hub smart fridge has a built-in TV now

You can watch TV on your fridge door

Samsung Family Hub TV 00

The Samsung Family Hub smart fridge will very soon be able to enjoy live TV services on its display. Specifically, its built-in tablet will be updated with Samsung TV Plus.

Before this update, users would have to connect the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge to a Samsung device of some kind, be it a smart TV, or a smartphone on the same network, in order to stream TV. Those devices would then use the Samsung TV app to stream the selected multimedia to the fridge screen. But now with Samsung TV Plus installed directly on the fridge, no other device needs to be connected to the same network as the Family Hub anymore.

Art mode is yet another feature that is slated to be added to the Samsung Family Hub. The entire screen of the built-in tablet will turn into a sort of active wallpaper and can match the color themes of your kitchen by default (you can choose any other theme as well). This is intended to sync visually with other Bespoke line products.

The update also provides better camera coverage and a vastly expanded item catalog, allowing the Family Hub to recognize food items even more accurately.

Lastly, Samsung has clarified that the Family Hub will effectively be a primary interface for SmartThings, which is the company’s smart home management platform.

The company has also stated that before the end of June, SmartThings is set to roll out to 97 additional countries.

Pricing for the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge begins at $1949.

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