Samsung’s Frame TV is now even slimmer and has a shelf accessory

Samsung reveals their 2021 TV and monitor lineup and it’s full of unusual offerings

Samsung's Frame TV is now even slimmer and has a shelf accessory 1
My Shelf for the 2021 Samsung Frame TV

Samsung has announced its 2021 lineup of TVs and monitors at this year’s virtual Unbox & Discover event. The company’s offerings for this year include new and refreshed versions of its lifestyle TVs, gaming monitors, as well as new features for a better overall user experience.

With a new lineup comes new technology as well. Samsung is bringing Micro LED technology to some of its bigger consumer TVs and Neo QLED for its gaming monitors. During the event, the company also announced that is currently the official TV partner of the recently released Xbox Series X in the United States and Canada.

With Neo QLED technology, gamers will have access to ultra-realistic images tuned by ultra-fine light controls to produce deep blacks and rich colors. Additionally, Samsung says that these new monitors now have upscaling technology that’s “smarter than any Samsung TV has ever offered.”

AMD also worked with the company to produce its first TV with Freesync Premium Pro with support for both PC and console. Additional features include a new Game Bar for monitoring various aspects and Super Ultrawide Gameview that unlocks ultra-wide aspect ratios. Interestingly enough, this was a feature that was once exclusive to gaming monitors but has now been ported for Samsung’s new gaming TVs.

Neo QLED running Google Duo

Samsung Neo QLED is available in various sizes starting at 65-inches for the 8K variant (QN800A and QN900A) and starting at 50-inches for the 4K variants(QN90A and QN85A).

Samsung has definitely taken strides in the lifestyle TV department offering customized models like The Frame to more flexible offerings like The Terrace. This year, Samsung is bringing back these popular models with new features and improvements to even better suit its users.

A significant improvement for the frame was the increase of its internal storage of just 500MB to a whopping 6GB that can store up to 1200 UHD-quality photos. You can still display artwork, of course, and now users will have more options with new partnerships with NAVA Contemporary and Etsy. The Frame itself is now thinner at just 24.9mm thick, similar to an actual picture frame.

Introducing a new “make your own TV” concept, Samsung introduces even more ways to customize The Frame. There’s a new Slim Fit Wall Mount for a more discrete look and new beveled frames in white and brick red.

The Frame is also getting a new partner in the form of My Shelf, a customizable shelf that fits The Frame perfectly. The Shelf was crafted to live alongside The Frame and boasts of a modular design and different colors to fit any decor. My Shelf can be attached to the 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch and comes in either beige, white, brown, and black. Availability of colors and sizes will depend on location. The US will initially be getting the beige color for the 55-inch and 65-inch variants of The Frame.

The 2020 pandemic pretty much emptied out theaters leaving users without the lovable movie theater experience. The Premiere is Samsung’s answer to bringing an authentic movie theater experience in the comforts of your own home.

The Premiere is the industry’s first triple laser projector with 4K resolution. The projector houses three individual light sources in red, green, and blue colors. Combined, these three lasers are able to produce sharp and bright images up to 130-inches. It’s also an ultra-short-throw projector that needs only 4.4 inches of space to display images.

The design of The Premiere itself keeps in tune with Samsung’s overall aesthetic. It boasts a minimalist design with rounded edges and a unique fabric finish. Additionally, Samsung will be releasing new rollable screens to partner with The Premiere later this year.

It’s no secret that remote working from home or remotely has become a normal setup for most of the world. To address users’ needs for both work and home use, Samsung offers a new “do-it-all” monitor called the Smart Monitor.

Combining the best of TVs and monitors, the Smart Monitor is also capable of connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless DeX, and Apple AirPlay without the need to be connected to a PC. Users will also be able to easily stream on the Smart Monitor with their preferred streaming apps.

Samsung Interactive Display Flip 75inch for Hybrid Education
Samsung Interactive Display Flip 75inch for Hybrid Education

In addition to the Smart Monitor, Samsung also introduces a digital whiteboard, the Interactive Display FLIP 75-inch, and they have equipped their popular Odyssey G9 gaming monitor with new Quantum MiniLED display technology.

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