Samsung Sero TV is a vertical TV designed for Gen Z

It’s a first-of-its-kind 4K vertical TV

CES 2020 is chock-full of new gadgets and gizmos from Samsung. In addition to a slew of mobile computing products like the Galaxy Book Flex, this year the South Korean conglomerate is showcasing a new TV line as well as improvements to its existing QLED and Frame TV products. The latest line is called the Sero TV. It’s a first-of-its-kind vertical display designed with millennial and Gen Z buyers in mind.

Samsung the Sero TV in landscape mode

Unlike the existing offering, the Sero is a mobile-first display, made to pivot between portrait or landscape mode, depending on the content the user is watching. First announced in 2019 as a concept, Samsung is signaling that the company will launch a consumer version some time this year.

When it’s not being used as a TV, the Sero acts as a music visualizer as well as a functional art piece where users can display photos – similar to The Frame.

As far as specs, we know the display will offer a 4K resolution, however, the exact dimensions remain unknown. The concept model from 2019 featured a 43-inch screen, but it’s unclear whether Samsung has plans for additional options. We did, however, get to spend some brief hands-on time with it, and while we very much appreciate the concept, we can’t help but wish it came with a built-in camera for making video calls and taking selfies.

Samsung Qled Q950

The Samsung Qled Q950TS, on the other hand, is the company’s newly improved 8K flagship. In an age of ultra high-def video streaming, the Q950TS is engineered to deliver ultra-crisp 8K resolution. While the exterior has several noteworthy improvements such as its new, “nearly-bezel-less” design, the most impressive upgrades are arguably beneath the hood. For example, the Q950TS features improved deep learning AI technology that upscales content  – no matter the native resolution. Additionally, the Q950TS will feature Samsung Health, an application created to simplify personal health and wellness monitoring.

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Samsung Qled Q950

Samsung has yet to announce official pricing for the lastest Q950TS or Sero TV. Based on previous reporting, the 2019 Sero concept had a rumored price of $1,600. Meanwhile, the current QLED 8K flagship dubbed the Q900 ranges from $2,500 (55-inch) to $70,000 (98-inch).