Samsung’s modular The Wall TV now comes in 219 inches

They’ve also introduced The Window TV that can accommodate just about any size and aspect ratio

Last year at CES, Samsung stunned crowds with their 146-inch The Wall modular TV that is made up of several MicroLED modular displays. This year at CES 2019, Samsung is introducing an even larger version of The Wall TV that measures a behemoth 219-inches in size!

The Window (Module Variations)

Also new for 2019 is Samsung’s The Window MicroLED display. This display is essentially a smaller version of The Wall TV that can be configured to any resolution, aspect ratio, size or shape. That includes 16:9 HD content, 21:9 widescreen movies, and even non-standard aspect ratios like 32:9 or 1:1.

Samsung says that The Window is able to optimize the content on screen to make these aspect ratios work. You can watch a demo of the Window in the video above.

Samsung Micro LED TV

Samsung is also announcing their new 75” MicroLED 4K TV at CES. Like The Wall, the 75” MicroLED 4K TV is also a modular TV that is made of individual tiles of self-emissive
MicroLEDs. While pricing has not yet been announced, we anticipate this TV to be more reasonably priced than The Wall.