Roku brings all its women’s sports content into one location

Roku launches Women’s Sports Zone

The Women's Sports Zone on Roku

Searching for your favorite women’s sports content on Roku can be very time-consuming, so to eliminate those wasted time, the entertainment platform has created the Women’s Sports Zone, an all-new centralized destination for all its women’s sports programming.

What is Roku’s Women’s Sports Zone?

Launched on May 17th, the Women’s Sports Zone is a new destination on Roku that brings all women’s sports programming from across the platform to a centralized location. Complementing the women’s sports programming already featured within Roku’s Sports experience, the new Zone makes women’s sports content on the platform more accessible and discoverable than ever before.

Women's Sports Zone on Roku
Women’s Sports Zone on Roku

What can you watch in Roku’s Women’s Sports Zone?

The Women’s Sports Zone provides streaming, live broadcast, and educational content options all in one place, eliminating the time it takes sports fans to locate their favorite teams and sporting events.

At launch, Roku users can watch a variety of sports-related content in the Zone, including soccer, golf, and professional and collegiate basketball from supporting channel partners. The Zone curates sports matches based on seasonality from different leagues like the LPGA, NWSL, WNBA, and the Women’s World Cup, with an expanded content offering to follow in the coming months.

The content within the Zone is also curated based on users’ viewing habits, favorite teams, and more, allowing sports fans to stream what they love with ease.

In addition to sports-related programming, the Zone will also feature female-focused documentaries, movies, and more from supporting channels across the Roku platform.

Women's Sports Zone on Roku
Women’s Sports Zone on Roku

Where can you find the Women’s Sports Zone on Roku?

According to a recently published Roku blog, there are three easy ways to locate the Women’s Sports Zone on Roku, and they are as follows:

  1. On the Home Screen Menu, scroll down to the Sports experience, then click on the Women’s Sports Zone in the “Browse by Sport” row.
  2. Use your Roku remote to search “women’s sports” or related keywords. Type your favorite team or league name into Roku Search or try using Roku Voice to ask for specific matches.
  3. Do you prefer the Roku Mobile App? The Women’s Sports Zone is only a few taps away. Open the app, scroll to the Sports row, then swipe to the Women’s Sports Zone.

How did Roku’s Women’s Sports Zone come about?

The launch of the Women’s Sports Zone on Roku comes after 2022 marked a pivotal moment in women’s sports with increases in viewership, ratings, and broadcast coverage.

In 2022, according to NRG’s Leveling the Playing Field Report, 30% of sports fans said they are watching more women’s sports than they used to over the past five years, while 85% of them said that it is important for women’s sports to continue growing in popularity. To meet this demand, Roku launched the Women’s Sports Zone.

“The popularity and demand for women’s sports is greater than ever, and at Roku, we continue to commit to elevating this important programming for our customers,” said Kelli Raftery, Roku’s Vice President, Global Communications, in a statement. “At a time when it is harder than ever to find what you want to watch, our new Women’s Sports Zone makes it easier for fans to get to the content they love, and it arrives just in time for the tip-off of the WNBA season this Friday (May 19th).”

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