Red BlackBerry KEY 2 offers suped-up specs

The BlackBerry KEY2 is going all scarlet on us with a new Limited Edition model

blackberry key2 red 914 758x507 - Red BlackBerry KEY 2 offers suped-up specs

TCL is showcasing its highly-exclusive BlackBerry KEY 2 Red Edition at Mobile World Congress.

When it comes to the specs, the new scarlet KEY 2 offers a memory bump to 6GB of RAM (up from 4GB) and 128GB of storage (up from 64GB). Those are hardly gigantic leaps over the non-limited edition, but it should help speed up multi-tasking and improve general day-to-day performance.

blackberry key2 red 918 1024x684 - Red BlackBerry KEY 2 offers suped-up specs

Ever since TCL has taken control of the BlackBerry trade name, the company has tried to revitalized the iconic brand by way of subtle changes, including switching to Android.

You can check out our full review of the BlackBerry Key2 here.

The limited-edition red BlackBerry Key2 will retail for $749.

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