The Blackberry Key 2 Red Edition is now available in stores

But is it worth its $700 price tag?

The Blackberry Key 2 Red Edition is now available in stores 1

The Blackberry Key2 Red Edition officially hit stores in the US today.

Boasting 128GB of storage out-of-the-box, the all-new Red Edition offers twice the amount of storage as previous versions. To boot, the $700 device packs improvements to the BlackBerry Hub and Calendar – and also ships with a pair of red earbuds to match the phone’s flashy appearance.

Despite the upgrades, some in tech community debate whether or not the Key 2 is a sequel or simply the same old phone in a different color. Bolstering their argument, much of the Red Edition remains unchanged. The phone still boasts a mediocre Snapdragon 660, 6GB RAM and 3,500 mAh battery – specs you can find on any number of mid-range devices from 2018.

What’s more, considering you can buy the exact same phone (not in red and half the storage) for a $100 less, the Key2 Red Edition might be a hard sell for some. With all of that said, it certainly is one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market right now.

You can pick up the Key2 Red Edition from Amazon or Best Buy.

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