Real life Mario Kart now exists in Japan

Unfortunately, there’s no throwing bananas allowed

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you brought all of the fun of Mario Kart – the vehicles, the costumes and the silliness – onto real roads?

Up until now, pursuing thoughts like those would have landed you in some deep trouble.

Can you imagine explaining to the cops why you just threw a banana skin at your friend? It probably wouldn’t go down too well.

However, a Japanese company called MarioCar (how is that alright from a copyright perspective?!) has changed all that and they are now helping people bring their Mario fantasies into real life.

This company are allowing folks to tour the streets of Tokyo, Osaka or Okinawa kitted out as their favorite character and in an actual go-kart which can reach up to 50 miles per-hour.

The themed tours look like great fun, judging from the online vids.

There are loads of things about this idea that we like – it looks terrific, seems like great fun and you can see a wonderful city by using their service.

However, don’t expect an actual race – these tours take place on real roads and throwing shells and bananas at your fellow participants wouldn’t exactly be safe.

Think of it as cosplaying while taking a guided tour… so, keep those bananas in your pocket.

Source: Nerdist | Photo: GoNintendo
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