Acer’s Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM gives you a massage while you’re playing

It even has Bluetooth speakers

Just earlier this year, Acer released its massive gaming chair, the Predator Thronos Air, which, in truth, is really a throne more than a chair. With it, gamers can mount up to three monitors and even includes accessories for a streaming setup. But, of course, this incredibly sophisticated system came with a hefty price tag. At $13,999 you’ve got to be pretty serious about gaming to drop that much on a chair. But now, Acer is offering a small taste of the Thronos Air by offering a stripped-down version in the form of the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM.

Created in collaboration with massage chair company OSIM, this gaming chair comes with 4 rollers for a full 2D massage experience. There are three auto-massage modes that can target either the neck and shoulder, lumbar, or provide you with an energy massage through its Energise mode. There are also two manual modes: Press-Grip and Rolling and Tapping.

Users will also be able to adjust the position of the rollers to really target a specific spot. There are a total of 6 levels for adjusting the shoulder position as well as a width adjustment.

Apart from the massage functions, the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and an embedded control panel on the right armrest.

The chair is covered black fabric that mimics the pattern of carbon fiber and has bright teal accents with hints of gray all around and can be reclined up to 145 degrees.

Acer hasn’t officially released the price for the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM but we can expect it to cost more than a typical gaming chair given its capabilities, but less than the Predator Thronos Air.