Pepsi just gave away the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece for football fans

The Pepsi Turkeytron features a 32.8” x 56” Jumbotron with four HD LED TVs

Pepsi just gave away the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece for football fans 1

Watching football games without ditching your turkey carving responsibilities or leaving the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day is a real challenge, especially for huge football fans. So to help one lucky fan enjoy football and turkey at the same time this coming Thanksgiving, Pepsi has given away a one-of-a-kind table centerpiece called Pepsi Turkeytron.

With an approximate retail value of $1600, Pepsi Turkeytron features the following:

Jumbotron: Providing football-feasters with the ultimate football watching experience, the Jumbotron is 32.8” x 56” built with two full-size 32” HD Smart LED TVs on each horizontal side and two vertically set 22” HD IPS LED TVs. All TVs come with streaming capabilities.

Surround Screens: Football fans can never have enough football watching options with all these surround screens made up of five tablets, all with streaming capabilities.

Pepsi Station: The Pepsi Station is a dedicated space for a Pepsi 6 pack to meet fans’ Pepsi drinking needs.

Sides Stands: Pepsi Turkeytron doesn’t have fans in the stands, so it has all the fan-favorite dinner sides instead.

Sideline Marker Carving Knives: These carving knives can cut the turkey and keep track of how much the fans have eaten yard by yard.

Light Warmers: Aside from keeping Thanksgiving dishes nice and warm, these light warmers also give the turkey the spotlight it deserves.

Football Field: The football field serves as the stage for the main component of the Thanksgiving dinner: the turkey.

Football Cornucopia: This is the fantastic festive football flourish that makes the Pepsi Turkeytron the perfect centerpiece for any Thanksgiving dinner.

The Pepsi Turkeytron was given away through sweepstakes that ran on November 19th. During the one-day-only sweepstakes period, hundreds of fans entered the giveaway by quote retweeting the below tweet from Pepsi and explaining why their family deserves the unique centerpiece with the hashtags #PepsiTurkeytron and #Sweepstakes. The winner was selected in a random drawing last Friday.

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