Patrick Stewart becomes spokesperson for a Star Trek Replicator-like product

The 3D printer can re-create thousands of beverages

Cana One and Cana Technology's "mission ambassador" Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart has been announced as the ambassador of a Star Trek replicator-like product called Cana One.

Who owns Cana One?

Cana One is owned by Cana Technology, a company that seeks to change the way the world produces and consumes stuff every day, starting with beverages. The beverage and bottling industry produces a staggering 2 trillion containers annually, with the majority of them being discarded in landfills, oceans, and beaches. Many of them also end up inside our bodies as toxic microplastics. In addition to being one of the most obvious culprits in the worsening global trash crisis., the industry is also a leading contributor to the planet’s overall carbon emissions. So, in an attempt to decarbonize the beverage industry and clean up Earth, Cana Technology created Cana One.

“I look forward to partnering with Cana [Technology] on their groundbreaking new initiatives, many of which remind me of advancements in technology that for some may have only been conceivable in the world of science fiction,” said Stewart, who has recently been named as Cana’s “Mission Ambassador”. “It has been fascinating and encouraging to learn more from Cana about recent scientific breakthroughs that have made their vision for a sustainable future a reality, and I am delighted to join them in this endeavor.”

What is Cana One?

Cana One on a countertopThe molecular beverage printer Cana One can print thousands of beverages, customized down to the vitamins, sugar, alcohol, and flavors. It also looks good on any countertop.

Cana Technology’s first-ever product Cana One is a 3D printer that can re-create thousands of different beverages and create new original drinks — be it iced coffee, iced tea, energy drinks, hard seltzer, soft drinks, sports drinks, cocktails, wine or hydration and sparkling water, water — using water that’s freely available in your home or office.

The most recent prototype of the 3D printer also allows for endless customization options, such as alcohol content, flavor, sweetness, and caffeine levels. Dubbed the world’s first molecular beverage printer, the 3D printer doesn’t need plastic and glass containers, leaving you with zero trash and a reduced carbon footprint while radically expanding your beverage options.

How does the Cana One work?

Cana One has the ability to identify and extract the essential molecules that contribute to the taste and aroma of beverages, which typically make up less than 5% of their ingredients. By digitizing the molecular chemistry of beverages, the 3D printer can re-create and even invent new drink varieties with the help of Cana’s Creator Studio.

Creator Studio is a first-of-its-kind software interface that lets people to easily and quickly formulate and distribute beverages from scratch. The software eliminates the long and expensive processes of developing, producing, and distributing different drinks in the beverage industry, which can take years of work and cost millions of dollars. With this software, owners of the 3D printer can avoid the hassle of going to the grocery store, storing stacks of beverages in their closets, garages, or energy-consuming fridges, and then disposing of the waste by recycling or throwing it away.

Cana Technology's Creator StudioCana Technology’s Creator Studio – a tool that lets Cana One users and creators formulate drinks from scratch, with an interface similar to creating music in a digital studio.

“We make it easy, fast, and affordable for people to get personalized beverages on demand, from their favorite brands or new creators – a seismic shift for the food and beverage industry,” said Cana CEO Bharat Vasan in a press release announcing Stewart as the 3D printer’s ambassador. “We can easily double a $2.5 trillion market by making access instantaneous and reduce trash by over 90%. We are making an antiquated system of production irrelevant – and in so doing, we are building a better user experience for the Cana community and for Earth at large.”

Cana Technology ships customized “Supercarts” straight to consumers. These Supercarts contain a precise set of ingredients that can be mixed with water at the point of consumption to create a wide variety of beverages. Unlike wasteful pod systems, these Supercarts are designed to contain only the essential ingredients and are dispensed in exact ratios down to the microliter. A single cartridge can last for at least one month, and Cana arranges automatic refills and cartridge recycling for customers.

Any beverage Cana One serves use conventional, safe ingredients, with the same great taste and nutritional profile as store-bought counterparts.

Customize With Cana

How much does a Cana machine cost?

The 3D printer is set to be released in Q4 of 2023 and will be available to consumers for $899. Interested customers can secure their purchase of the printer by placing a $99 refundable deposit.

UPDATE (February 29, 2024): Cana Technology has closed all operations and has shut down the rollout of Cana One due to the lack of funding.

Source: Cana Technology
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