These NFT watches cost more than a Rolex

Meta Watches combine the passion for traditional luxury watches and cutting-edge consumer technology

These NFT watches cost more than a Rolex 1

If you’re an NFT collector who happens to love watches, then you will definitely dig these all-new NFT watches called Meta Watches.

A collection of NFT artworks on the Ethereum blockchain, Meta Watches combine the passion for traditional luxury watches and cutting-edge consumer technology. Each Meta Watch is unique, and some of them even have one of four rare graphical effects, making them a highly functional and technological work of art. Meta Watches can be used and enjoyed on your phone, smartwatch, home, car, VR games, and anywhere else in the metaverse.

“Rolex and other luxury watch brands are struggling to make the transition to digitization and NFTs. Smartwatches, which combine watches and technology, on the other hand, do not meet the standards of a luxury watch. Meta Watches, therefore, were created to fill this void,” said a rep for Meta Watches, which is currently a project of the German software company Axonic.

Meta Watches has teamed up with internationally renowned NFT artist Kenny Schachter for an exclusive assortment of Meta Watches called the Schachter-Welker Collection. The said collection was represented at Art Basel Miami by one of the most acclaimed NFT art galleries, Nagel Draxler. The gallery has designed its own metaverse that features the NFT watches in a three-dimensional space.

The Schachter-Welker Collection is comprised of 10 unique NFT watches that are being sold by the Nagel Draxler Gallery, exclusively at art exhibitions for 10 ETH each, which is currently equivalent to around 37,000 USD.

In addition to the Schachter-Welker Collection, Meta Watches is also working on the Analog Summer 2021 Collection, which features 1234 generative art watches that will soon be released for minting at 0.08 ETH each, or around 300 USD. Before the public sale of these NFT watches, active members of the Meta Watch community, advisors, ambassadors, and other early believers will be given access to pre-sales. And as soon as these NFT watches are minted, owners are free to re-sell them at OpenSea.

The launch of the Analog Summer 2021 Collection will follow the release of Meta Watches’ GM Collection, 17 handcrafted watches that already sold for an average of 0.55 ETH each, or around 2000 USD.

For its other upcoming collections, Meta Watches is already in touch with young and popular designers from the worlds of NFT and luxury watches. According to its website, Meta Watches aims to release two editions of NFT watches every year, each with a specific theme. For 2022, Meta Watches already has two collections in its pipeline: “Digital Spring” and “Chronographic Winter.”

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