Nebula Cosmos is the first 4K projector with 3D audio

Nebula Cosmos is the first 4K projector with 3D audio 5

Nebula is Anker’s brand for portable projectors. Their newest offerings, which are now on Kickstarter, are the Nebula Cosmos and Nebula Cosmos Max. Between the Cosmos and the Cosmos Max, the latter is the company’s first 4k projector designed for home use. It’s also the world’s first 4K home cinema with 3D audio.

Nebula had previously successfully produced two other projectors, the Capsule and the Mars, through Kickstarter so it’s not surprising that they have turned to the crowd-funding medium again for the Cosmos.

Both projectors are able to project astoundingly large pictures without sacrificing clarity and quality. The Cosmos’ projection maxes out at 120 inches while the Cosmos Max at 150 inches, which are both very impressive. It’s important to note, though, that only the Cosmos Max is capable of 4K UHD projection while the Cosmos offers just 1080p.

Both projectors are able to automatically square the image even if the device is placed at an angle. You can also scale the image up or down without having to move the projector. Thanks to high-speed autofocus, the projector produces sharp images immediately without having to fiddle with its settings.

Nebula Cosmos is the first 4K projector with 3D audio 6
Nebula Cosmos is the first 4K projector with 3D audio 7

Cosmos and Cosmos Max are both equipped with HDR10 which provides a boost of color and clarity to the picture. Cosmos Max has an added feature called Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) that detects non-HDR content and automatically upscales in real-time to provide better picture quality. So watching old DVDs, videos or even regular, non-HD TV will still offer you a high-end theatre experience. The projector’s fans were also made to keep to a quiet 32 DB to curb distraction.

Nebula Cosmos is the first 4K projector with 3D audio 8

In terms of brightness, the Cosmos Max boasts of a bright 1,500 ANSI Lumens which is supported by Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology while the Cosmos doesn’t trail far off behind with 900 Lumens. Fast-paced images are also enhanced thanks to Dynamic smoothing. This technology increases the frame rate when needed to provide crystal-clear clarity.

Both projectors are also equipped with LED bulbs instead of the usual UHP lamp used on most projectors. This helps maintain and elongate the projector’s life and quality. Nebula says that even if you watch a 2-hour movie every day for 41 years, there will be no drop in the Cosmos’ color vibrancy and brightness.

Nebula Cosmos is the first 4K projector with 3D audio 9
The audio output should perform well too since both projectors offer Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension on board. The Cosmos packs two 10-watt speakers while the Cosmos Max has four 10-watt speakers. Both have been optimized to deliver “360-degree of ground-breaking cinema audio”. External devices are also supported with an array of on-board ports such as USB and HDMI as well as support for an optical cable.

Wirelessly, they’re both equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi with support for mirror cast. Both projectors also come running Android 9.0, so you’ll have access to a multitude of apps and services such as Netflix, ESPN, Youtube and a whole lot more, all out of the box. Connecting to the Nebula App will further enhance your experience plus it doubles as a remote control.

The Cosmos and Cosmos Max will be priced at $699 and $1699 respectively but if you back their project on Kickstarter you can get the Cosmos for as low as $429 and the Cosmos Max for just $1,099. Both products are scheduled to be released to Kickstarter backers on April 2020.

At the time of writing, Nebula had surpassed their $50,000 goal with $639,291 from 767 backers. With 2 months left until the campaign ends, it’s expected that this number will rise even more.

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