Nebula Mars II portable projector review

This Android-powered projector has EVERYTHING you need to watch movies and presentations on the go

Nebula Mars II portable projector review
Bottom Line

The versatile and fairly priced Mars II Nebula projector/speaker combo offers solid picture quality, easy portability, and Android app access for streaming.

Picture Quality
Built-in speaker
Runs on Android 7.1
Vibrant colors
Very portable
Well priced
Easy set-up and operation
Picture is not very sharp

Mars II Nebula Projector Overview:
Whenever a projector gets pulled out at a gathering, things are about to get either very entertaining (meaning it’s movie time) or extremely drab (meaning its Powerpoint time). The Android-powered Mars II Nebula Projector and Speaker by Anker provides 720p video with a self-leveling picture and access to streaming platforms along with multiple display input options. That means you have about 10 different ways to show that movie or slideshow to delight or bore your audience.

Set up

Right out of the box the Nebula Mars II is practically ready to go. You just need to plug it in and pull down the lens cover to turn on the device. Once the lens cover is down you can also use the remote control to turn it on.

You can use the controls above the projector to control the device. Alternatively, the projector can be controlled with the Nebula app (available both on iOS and Android). The app connects to the projector via Bluetooth and provides you with a virtual mousepad.

Because the Projector comes running on Android 7.1, you have access to a massive catalog of streaming apps in Google Play. That includes everything from Netflix, to Hulu, to Plex and more. Aside from using Android apps to stream content, you can also mirror your phone using Miracast or connect other devices to it using HDMI or USB.

Picture and speaker quality

Nebula Mars II portable projector review 2

The Mars II Nebula comes with Advanced DLP technology that claims to provide more detailed, vibrant video than what you’d get from a traditional LCD.

With a 1280 × 720 HD resolution and 300 ANSI lm brightness, you’re definitely getting good picture quality for a projector of its size. The projector uses DLP IntelliBright technology as opposed to LCD technology. The resolution is not 4K, but then again, no one really expects 4K from light projection.

The picture is clear, and not quite crisp, but it is vibrant in hue. That being said, it gets the job done and is a perfectly fine option for portable movie showings or presentations. What we especially appreciate about the device is that it levels the picture on its own within about a second. If you have ever fiddled with leveling a projector, you know just how precious a feature like this is.

You can count on the bulb inside the Mars II Nebula to last for 30,000 hours of play time. That’s a lot of movies before the bulb quits on you.

The projector packs in dual 10-watt speakers that provide ample sound, especially given the unit’s small proportions. The audio is not deep and resounding, but it is clear and gets the job done well.

Battery Performance:
There is a 12,500 mAh battery inside of the projector, so you can run off of its battery when necessary, but getting through a whole movie may be pushing that limit. For longer films, you’ll need to keep the projector plugged in. That said, the battery will give you a fair amount of playback time if you use the device as a speaker only. While the projector mode drains the battery quite quickly, in speaker-only mode, you should be able to power through a backyard barbecue or party.

Bottom Line

Because it runs on Android 7.1, the Mars II Nebula offers you access to all of the streaming platforms you are likely to ever need, as well as mirror play, USB stick access, and HDMI viewing input options. It even packs in its own speaker system. All of that that versatility covers just about every need we can think of. The picture quality is also vibrant, clear and stable, and we especially appreciate its self-leveling feature that makes set up and movement easy and hassle-free. Overall, priced at $499, the Mars II Nebula by Anker is a very good value, making it a top contender for portable projectors.

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