My Friend Pedro is being made into a TV series by the creators of John Wick

It will be an R-rated series from the writers of John Wick

My Friend Pedro is being made into a TV series by the creators of John Wick 1

It started as a flash game on adult swim and then DeadToast Entertainment further developed it to become an actual console game. And now, the hit game, My Friend Pedro, has been picked up to become a new TV series. Set to be a half-hour dramedy, My Friend Pedro will be written by John Wick writer, Derek Kolstad, alongside Deadpool 2 director, David Leitch. The pair will also act as executive producers for the show.

My Friend Pedro tells the story of a man who wakes up in a butcher shop to be greeted by a talking banana named Pedro. Pedro explains the dark secrets behind the butcher shop and leads the main character on a quest to kill and put a stop to all of the butcher’s shop’s shady dealings.

My Friend Pedro creator, Victor Ågren, was beyond thrilled to find out that at the helm of the TV series are both Kolstad and Leitch. Having largely taken inspiration for the game from both of their works, he calls the adaptation “a dream come true.”

The work of both Derek Kolstad and David Leitch has been a huge influence on shaping My Friend Pedro. To later find them attached to a TV-adaptation of the game boggles my mind, he says in a statement, “As a solo developer tucked away in a small corner of the world, it really makes me think that as long as you create from the right place the result can reach even as far as the giants of Hollywood. ”

My Friend Pedro - Launch Trailer
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