Asus ROG Ally wants to be the Nintendo DS of gaming PCs

ROG Ally takes on portable gaming consoles like Steam Deck

Asus Rog Ally

ASUS has unveiled its latest device – the ROG Ally, a handheld gaming console targeted at PC gamers who want to take their favorite AAA titles with them. Coming in at just 608 grams, the ROG Ally has various features that will appeal to gamers who want to continue from where they left off on their desktop PCs.

According to Asus, the new handheld gaming device will be powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 processor with RDNA 3, which is expected to outperform rival consoles like the Steam Deck since the ROG Ally will be equipped with AMD’s latest generation of the chip – rumored to be 50% more powerful. ROG says this new chip was purpose-built for the ROG Ally and claims it will deliver “never-before-seen levels of handheld gaming performance”.

Gamers can configure their device with up to 16GB RAM and 512GB PCle upgradable storage. We also know that the ROG Ally will run Windows 11 OS, most likely to provide gamers with the same software environment they use on their desktop PCs and It will support most of the popular PC gaming libraries such as Xbox Game Pass, Steam, EA App, and Epic Games, so gamers can easily switch between devices.

On the display front, the ROG Ally has a 120Hz 1080p display on what looks to be a 7-inch screen. ROG promises up to 500nits of brightness to enable gamers to play in bright environments and provides features like Adaptive Sync support and touchscreen functionality. ROG has also implemented software features like a special edition of its Armoury Crate software to provide gamers with tools to customize and optimize their gaming experience on the device.

Asus Rog Ally
The Asus ROG Ally could potentially replace your gaming PC

If you are wondering how the device will be cooled, ROG Ally has a “Zero Gravity” and “Zero Distraction” thermal system that cools the device with a dual-fan system. We can’t say for sure what Zero Gravity/Distraction means, but it could indicate that the fans are quiet and offer minimal vibration.

Finally, ROG revealed that it implemented a unique texture around the ROG Ally so players have a firm grip while gaming for extended periods.

ROG Ally first impressions

We spent some brief hands-on time with the ROG Ally, during which we played Forza. We were super impressed with its display’s visuals and overall performance. We were also happy to discover that the device doesn’t feel very heavy, which means it should be comfortable to use for hours.

ROG Ally pre-order and pricing

The ROG Ally will be officially launched on May 11th, 2023, at 10AM EST. We expect to get more information on the specs and pricing in the days leading up to the launch event.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the device, you can join the waitlist on BestBuy. However, pricing is yet to be announced. We’re hoping it will be competitive with the Steam Deck.

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