Moxee Signal is a personal safety device that sends location updates over LTE

Emergency contacts can track their loved ones whereabouts at all times

KonnectONE is launching a new mobile personal safety solution, Moxee Signal. Moxee Signal is a pocket-sized device that allows a user to send out instant location-check ins and alerts.

With both 4G LTE and GPS location technology built-in, the Moxee Signal provides a quick and reliable way to assure a loved one’s safety. The Moxee Signal pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired, users simply push a button on the Moxee Signal to send their exact location to their contacts. If you’re set up as an emergency contact, you can use the Moxee app to instantly request for the Moxee Signal user’s location – without the need for confirmation by the one holding the Moxee Signal. The Moxee Signal user is simply alerted with a vibration that their location was requested.

When using the device, one press sends a location check-in and signals that “all is well” and the user is safe. Two presses sends a yellow alert signaling that “something is not right” and that sends the user’s location along with audio clips to the emergency contact and allows for in-app communication with other contacts. Three pushes on the device’s button triggers a red alert which signals “I need help”. This will, in turn, engage Moxee’s Professional Monitoring Services, along with all of the yellow alert’s functions and emergency services can be dispatched if needed.

The Moxee Signal is a small, lightweight, discrete device with a battery life of 4 to 5 days and it can be easily clipped on a backpack, purse or belt. It is the first offering in an entire suite of Moxee-branded personal safety products that will be offered by KonnectONE. KonnectONE’s mission to mobile personal safety is to provide reliable solutions for people to be more connected to their loved ones especially those in high-risk situations such as children or aging adults.

“From monitoring aging parents, to knowing your teenagers are okay, to working remotely or independently, to feeling safe while out for a run at night, Moxee Signal is designed to help millions of people feel safer, stay connected to their loved ones, and get peace of mind.” says Joe Phillips, Chairman of KonnectONE.

The Moxee Signal will be available starting today and it’s priced at $120.00. It will be exclusively available at T-Mobile and it requires an IoT monthly data plan.