This smart lock doubles as a GPS tracker for both you and your luggage

Track & Shield is an all-in-one smart tracker with GPS, lock abilities, and a built-in hotspot.

Cabeau, a popular travel accessories company, has launched Track & Shield, an all-in-one smart tracker with GPS, lock abilities, and a built-in communication boosting “hotspot” for times when you don’t have a cellular signal.

With all these distinct features, Track & Shield aims to be your best travel buddy that you can rely on for tracking people, safeguarding your personal belongings, or looking for a missing pet. To that effect, you can use the Track & Shield smart lock to keep track of any individual and anything within 10 feet of accuracy, even without the presence of a cell signal.

The device uses geofencing technology to locate any object or person wearing the lock. The device also features patent-pending locking technology, which creates a geo and time stamp each time you open or close the lock.

David Sternlight, Cabeau CEO and founder, highlighted some of the benefits of the new locking equipment. Sternlight noted that even our smartphones have tendencies to fail when you need them most. He stressed that Track & Shield brings a completely reliable means to stay connected and protected, especially when needing to get in touch with a family member during emergencies.

Also, the smart lock can track down your possessions. It brings an entirely new category of assisting people to track, protect, and communicate with anything that you value most, using simply one device that is the size of a key fob.

Track & Shield employs a narrowband technology that enables longer texting ability of 20 times farther compared to your Android phone. This makes it a vital device when no cell reception is available.

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At one press, Track & Shield can easily send an emergency alert message. This can share your location, time found, and a tracking link. With a single charge, it boasts a battery life that lasts up to four months.

Track & Shield is available at Indiegogo with an introductory price of $99 per device inclusive of the first month of service. It will be shipped in Q4 2019 and then sold for $199.99.