Mountain Dew Typhoon is coming back after an 11-year hiatus

Here’s how you can order the limited-edition, fan-favorite Mountain Dew flavor

Mountain Dew Typhoon

Mountain Dew Typhoon is making its much-awaited comeback after an 11-year hiatus.

The soda brand announced last week that it is bringing back Mountain Dew Typhoon next month, due to popular demand.

What is Mountain Dew Typhoon?

Described as “a blast of tropical punch,” Mountain Dew Typhoon is a red-orange soda that debuted as a finalist in 2010’s DEWmocracy II promotion, where it was launched alongside Mountain Dew White Out and Mountain Dew Distortion to compete for a chance to become a permanent flavor. After the voting competition ended, Mountain Dew White Out won with 44% of the votes while Mountain Dew Typhoon placed second with 40% of the votes.

Formerly known as Flavor #509, Mountain Dew Typhoon returned to shelves for another limited time, alongside Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Pitch Black, as part of the Back by Popular DEWmand campaign in 2011. After over a decade, Mountain Dew Typhoon is set to become available again this June.

Where can you buy Mountain Dew Typhoon?

Mountain Dew Typhoon will be exclusively available online at the DEW Store starting June 1st at 12 p.m. ET. However, Soda lovers will have to be a DEW Nation HQ member to make a purchase.

DEW Nation HQ is the official, free-to-join online community of Mountain Dew fans, and the successor to the now-closed Dew Nation Rewards program. Launched along with the Dew Store in September 2020, DEW Nation HQ features a challenges section, which allows members to earn points, which are then redeemable for gift cards to the Dew Store, as well as Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

How much is Mountain Dew Typhoon?

Mountain Dew Typhoon will be available in six packs of 16-ounce cans for $12, excluding shipping. But because of the exclusive and limited nature of the flavor’s return, each customer can only purchase two cases per order.

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