Minnie Mouse ditches her iconic dress for a pantsuit

Stella McCartney is the designer behind Minnie’s new look that debuts in time for International Women’s Day

Minnie Mouse ditches her iconic dress for a pantsuit

Disneyland Paris has released a new image teasing a new look that Minnie Mouse will be receiving this March. In her makeover, Minnie ditches her iconic red dress – but not the polka dots.

Designed by British fashion designer Stella McCartney, Disney’s leading lady now dons a dotted blue pantsuit with a matching bow on top. Her yellow heels have been replaced with dark-colored loafer-type shoes.

The pantsuit is meant to channel empowerment — in theme with Disneyland Paris’ March celebration of Internation Women’s Day and its 30th anniversary.

Minnie Mouse ditches her iconic dress for a pantsuit 2

In addition to empowerment, the outfit change also sends a message of sustainability with designer McCartney explaining Minnie’s new outfit is made with responsibly sourced materials.

While the initiative is celebrated by many, there has been some backlash as evidenced by replies to Disneyland Paris’ tweet.

Some criticized the design while others contested that the outfit wasn’t feminine enough for the character. Others have ranted about how Disney ruined Minnie Mouse by making her look more masculine.

A more controversial rant came from Fox News host Candace Owens where she expressed that she felt Minnie Mouse in pants means to “destroy fabrics of society.”

This isn’t the first time Minnie has been seen in pants, however, as the beloved cartoon character was dressed in white pants and a captain’s coat for her debut as Captain Minnie on the Disney Cruise Line.

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