LEGO unveils classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse buildable figures for adults

This large-scale set includes buildable accessories like retro camera, guitar, and photo album

Following the success of last year’s LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie set, LEGO and Disney have teamed up once again for a new building set featuring the classic look of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Comprised of 1,739 pieces, the LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters set features the original animated couple of the silver screen in their classic signature outfits. It also includes unique buildable accessories such as a retro camera, a guitar, and a photo album complete with photos of the iconic pair’s adventures from years gone by.

Staying true to the set’s Hollywood theme, each buildable figure stands on a base that resembles an old-fashioned film reel, which comes complete with the characters’ original signatures. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures stand 14 inches and 13 inches tall, respectively, making them a perfect a display in any home or office.

In the press release announcing the set, LEGO designer Ollie Gregory admitted that developing the figures was not easy. “The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters are extremely detailed and intricate, and there were lots of challenges to overcome,” he said. “For example, to create the tips of their noses we even had to bring back the LEGO Classic Space Helmet in black, which hasn’t been seen since 1987.” Gregory also added the set is the first-ever LEGO set to include the color, brown with opalesence.

While most LEGO sets are designed for children, these Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures are created specifically with adults in mind. The set even comes with the new stylish, adult-focused packaging that reflects the sophisticated nature of the creative process, and allows adult builders to find LEGO products related to their interests more easily.

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Priced at $199.99, the set will be available for pre-order on starting July 1st and will be available in LEGO stores for purchase on August 1st.