Minecraft Earth is getting adorable Boost Mini toys

These Minecraft Earth NFC toys give you an in-game edge

Minecraft Earth is getting adorable Boost Mini toys 1

Minecraft Earth is taking the player experience up a notch, introducing a line of toys that can unlock special abilities and XP. Mojang and Mattel have teamed up on the adorable mini-figures called Boost Minis. These pocket-sized character comes equipped with NFC technology that can be scanned by your smartphone, each providing a unique in-game “boost.”

For additional reference, Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality mobile game that is a spin-off of Minecraft. Mojang and Mattel plan to release 20 different Boost Minis, many modeled after fan-favorite Minecraft mobs, including the Wolf, Muddy Pig, and of course Creepers. Other Boost Minis are Minecraft Earth exclusives like Melon Golem, Glow Squid, and Dyed Cat.

Mattel says the Boost Minis will retail for $5 each when the toys officially launch in the coming months. And for the collectors, the company plans to release a “special potion carrying case” so that you can take your collection on the go.

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