Mickey ice cream bars will soon be available outside of Disney Parks

Nestle has partnered with Disney to bring the ice cream bars to the public via a limited-edition grocery line.

Mickey The True Original ice cream bars

Love those Mickey Mouse ice cream bars that are only available at Disney parks? If you do, then here’s a piece of good news for you. Starting in February, you’ll no longer have to travel to a Disney park just to enjoy them, because the sweet treat will be available at most major grocery stores by that time.

To celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday this year, Nestle has teamed up with Disney to bring the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars to the public via a limited-edition grocery line. Officially called Mickey The True Original ice cream bars, these goodies come packed in a box of six and are a little smaller than the ones being sold at the park. The limited-edition ice cream bars weigh 3 ounces each, while the real deal weigh 4 ounces each.

Additionally, the limited-edition bars are made with lighter ice cream and have 210 calories each. The original bars, on the other hand, are made with a more indulgent ice cream and clock in at 330 calories per serving. The limited-edition bars will retail for $7.49 each box, while individual bar available at Disney parks costs $5.75.

“Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are a popular novelty item for Disney visitors, and many of our customers have asked about them and we’re excited to make this product available for the first time for our customers,” Nicole Krauss, spokeswoman for supermarket company Publix, told the Miami Herald. “They will be available throughout the company in late February, and stores can special order them now.”

Also, ice cream lovers in Arizona can order the limited-edition bars as early as now and have them delivered at their doorstep their through Instacart’s partnership with Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets.

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