MediaTek introduces new Dimensity 9000 flagship chip with 320MP support

It also offers up to 180Hz refresh rates

MediaTek introduces new Dimensity 9000 flagship chip with 320MP support 1

A new flagship chip has just been announced by MediaTek. Adding to its line of Dinmensity chips, the Dinmenisty 9000 5G comes in as the world’s first smartphone chip built on ultra-efficient TMSC N4 (4nm-class) production process. This brings improvements in performance, gaming, imaging, multimedia, and connectivity.

Working alongside an Armv9 CPU architecture, the Dimensity 9000 5G three performance A710 cores (up to 2.8Ghz), four efficiency Cortex-A510 cores, and one ultra Cortex-X2 core (up to 3.0Ghz).

MediaTek also packs the world’s first Arm Mali-G710 GPU for smartphones. It also offers the fifth generation HyperEngine 5.0 with AI-acceleration to further improve graphics and to speed up gameplay performance. It’s also, according to MediaTek, more power-efficient than ever.

AI-VRS, the first AI-enhanced variable-rate shading technology for smartphones, is also offered along with the industry’s first raytracing software development kit using Vulkan for Android.

The Dimensity 9000 also brings camera improvements in the form of support for a 320-megapixel camera. It also supports simultaneous triple camera 18-bit HDR video recording — another world’s first. Additional imaging features include 4K HDR Video + AI noise reduction.

The chip also aims to improve 5G experience with the integrated modem that’s able to reach speeds of up to 7Gbps downlink. It also offers 5G/4G dual SIM support and the new MediaTek Ultra Save 2.0 for power-saving efficiency.

Display tech also gets a boost with MiraVision 790. This allows for144Hz WQHD+ displays or 180Hz Full HD+ displays.

MediaTek also announces that certain manufacturers are also set to equip their next offerings with the Dimensity 9000. Some brands mentioned include OPPO, Xiaomi, and more.

Smartphones powered by MediaTek’s latest chip are expected to arrive by the first quarter of 2022.

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