LG shows off new soundbar lineup with Google Assistant built-in

The soundbars boast Google Assistant, Dolby Atmos and the Meridian DSP

LG shows off new soundbar lineup with Google Assistant built-in 1

With CES just days away, companies are starting to tease some of the gadgets we’ll see in 2019. Today, LG joined in with a little announcement of its own, showing the company’s new line of high-tech sound bars.

In a market that’s otherwise fairly stagnating, LG is looking to shake things up with the unveiling of its Assistant-controlled, Dolby Atmos ‘SL’ range.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new line is the amount of tech buried within. For example, each speaker boasts state-of-the-art Meridian DSP (digital signal processing) software.

According to the company, Meridian’s technology allows LG to “lift the soundstage and envelop listeners in rich, uncompromising sound and strong bass.” In other words, provided a “more cinema-like experience” thanks to a multi-channel emulation.

In addition, the SL series boasts high-tech gyro sensors that allow the speakers to adjust orientation for even better sonics, touts the maker. And with Google Assistant built-in, you can use the soundbar to control your music playlists and other connected devices.

At present, LG has not released pricing information. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly sound bar, check out our $100 Infini Soundcore review.

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