Juliana Carlos net worth: How rich is Chris Carlos’ wife?

How much is Juliana Carlos worth?

Juliana Carlos poses for the camera in a sexy black dress

Juliana Carlos is a model in the United States. She made headlines in February 2021 when she got into a heated argument with LeBron James, while watching an NBA game with her husband Chris Carlos between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks in State Farm Arena. While a lot of people believed that she deliberately got herself into that courtside verbal altercation for clout, her millionaire status suggests otherwise. Continue reading below to find out what Juliana Carlos net worth is and how wealthy she and her husband are.

What is Juliana Carlos net worth?

According to Biographygist.com, Juliana Carlos net worth is estimated at $2.5 million as of 2022. A huge sum of Juliana Carlos net worth comes from her earnings as a model. Multiple reports noted that she had previous endorsement deals with brands like Lou Boutin World, Dior, Pretty Little Things, and Balmain.

A fashionably dressed Juliana Carlos holding a black hand bag - a big portion of Juliana Carlos net worth comes from her earnings from modeling
Pictured: A fashionably dressed Juliana Carlos holding a black handbag. A big portion of Juliana Carlos net worth comes from her earnings from modeling

Juliana also earned money from posting sponsored content to Instagram and from ad revenues from her YouTube account. She, however, took down both her Instagram account and YouTube channel following her much-talked-about clash with LeBron.

Juliana Carlos’ Instagram account

Prior to deactivating her Instagram account, Juliana had over 83,200 followers. According to Republic World, more than 80,000 of those only started following her after her courtside drama with LeBron.

Her then-YouTube channel was lackluster compared to her Instagram account. Before it was taken down, her self-titled YouTube channel only had over 370 subscribers and mostly consisted of hair and makeup tutorials as well as dress videos.

Juliana Carlos’ husband

Juliana Carlos and her husband Chris Carlos wearing formal attire
Juliana Carlos and her husband Chris Carlos

As mentioned above, Juliana is married to businessman Chris Carlos. Juliana and Chris, as a couple, are estimated to be worth over $80 million, according to Starsoffline.

Living with his wife in their mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, Chris is a partner at Republic National Distributing Company, the second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the U.S.

Chris comes from a family of businessmen. In fact, it was his grandfather who started the wine company Dixie Wine back in 1935. The Carlos family also founded the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University and has donated millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations and charities.

Chris is a philanthropist himself. He has served on the Board of Directors for the March of Dimes and has worked as a committee member for a number of non-profit organizations including the Ronald McDonald House, Murphy’s Heart, and Children’s Hospital. He also supports local organizations like the Atlanta Ballet and Atlanta Zoo.

Juliana Carlos vs LeBron James

Juliana and Chris were watching the Hawks-Lakers game on February 1st, 2021 when Juliana claimed that Lebron started a verbal altercation with her husband. After realizing that the two men were allegedly insulting one another, Juliana stood up from their courtside seats and defend her husband from the basketball player. Unfortunately for the couple, the verbal clash ultimately resulted in their forcible removal from the game’s venue.

Shortly after the incident, Juliana took to Instagram to share her side of the story. “So, I’m minding my own business, and Chris has been a Hawks fan forever. He’s been watching the games for 10 years. Whatever, he has this issue with LeBron,” she said.  “I don’t have an issue with LeBron. I don’t give a f–k about LeBron. Anyway, I’m minding my own business, drinking my [beverage], having fun. All of the sudden, LeBron says something to my husband, and I see this, and I stand up. And I go, ‘Don’t f–king talk to my husband.’ And he looks at me and he goes, ‘Sit the f–k down, b—h.’ And I go, ‘Don’t f–king call me a b—h. You sit the f–k down. Get the f–k out of here. Don’t f–k talk to my husband like that.’”

For his part, LeBron took to Twitter after the game to address the incident, writing: “Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!!”

Lebron also commented about the incident while talking to the media following the game. He said he was glad fans are back in the arena, adding that he missed having interactions with fans, be it good or bad.

A lot of people sided with LeBron, with many of them calling Juliana a clout chaser, while also flooding her old and recent Instagram posts with nasty comments about her husband and appearance. This led Juliana to post an apology on Instagram, regretting a few decisions she made.

“About last night … To say things escalated quickly at yesterday’s game is an understatement, and I want to apologize for losing my cool and removing my mask in the heat of the moment,” wrote Juliana on Instagram a day after the incident. “My husband is a huge sports fan and we’re passionate people, and let’s be real: sports wouldn’t be sports without a little trash-talking. What should have been a quick back-and-back forth between two adults got out of hand and my natural instinct to stand up for the man I love kicked in. Did I get defensive when I could have taken the higher road? Yes. And for these things, I take full responsibility.”

What’s Chris Carlos’ issue with LeBron James?

Chris’ issue with LeBron James is unclear, but old Instagram posts by the businessman confirmed that he’s got some problems with the NBA star even when he was still with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Twitter user @BallersOnly shared a couple of screenshots of Chris’ Instagram posts in 2017, and both suggest that Chris is not a fan of LeBron.

“He almost sat his big ass on my wallet and phone,” Chris wrote in one post, referring to LeBron.

In another post, Chris wrote of the basketball player: “Can u tell I don’t like this guy. Ny Hawks took it to them. Thanks Team Hawks and Coach Bud and his staff. Go Hawks.”

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