JoyCollab is a Sims-like virtual office for remote workers

It’s ideal for remote workers who miss working in an office environment

JoyCollab is a Sims-like virtual office for remote workers 1

Two and half years into the pandemic, it’s clear that working from home is here to stay – whether some bosses like it or not. If you’re a remote worker, you’re probably familiar with collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack. But what if there was a way to replicate the familiar office experience – virtually – by integrating some of these tools? That’s what Korean startup Pitch Solution is trying to solve with JoyCollab.

JoyCollab is a virtual office on the web, complete with a Sims-like 3D isometric view. But, instead of having Sims-like avatars, users appear as bubbles containing their picture and status (online, offline, do not disturb, etc…). Users can change their picture and status and are assigned a role (admin, manager, collaborator, owner, etc…) with specific permissions when their account is created.

Each virtual office is divided into four spaces – the meeting room, the actual office area, the lounge, and the lobby – which can be customized for appearance (using themes) and number of users. The meeting room is where users can create and manage meetings, with support for chat, voice calls, and video calls. JoyCollab integrates seamlessly with Zoom for meetings with users outside the virtual office.

JoyCollab virtual office overview
JoyCollab virtual office overview

The office area is where users can create and manage to-do lists and OKRs (objectives and key results) at a user, departmental, and office-wide level. Basically, think about project management, and you have the right idea. To make these features possible, Pitch Solution partnered with San Jose-based project management startup Wrike.

Users can unwind, chat, and make voice calls with other users in the lounge, which also supports notice boards. The lobby is where guests (users without an account) land when they follow a link to the virtual office. Managers automatically get notified when a guest enters the lobby. Guests can watch a company video while waiting, and users can visit the lobby anytime to interact with guests.

In addition, JoyCollab supports check-ins and check-outs for users (to manage attendance and timesheets) and provides file storage at a user, departmental, and office-wide level – plus full Google Drive integration.

Pitch Solution offers four pricing tiers: free (10-user limit, no video meetings, 500MB storage), basic ($4.50 per user per month), standard ($8.50 per user per month), and premium ($14 per user per month).

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