Ikea’s Sonos Symfonisk wi-fi speakers are finally available

These speakers will likely fly off IKEA’s shelves very quickly

Ikea's Sonos Symfonisk wi-fi speakers are finally available 1

While the partnership between Ikea and Sonos may have seemed like an unusual one when it was first announced, the Symfonisk wi-fi Speakers are finally available in-store and are set to be released on Ikea’s website shortly. The speakers are the result of years of work behind the scenes from both Ikea and Sonos.

Currently, both Symfonisk speakers support AirPlay 2 but there is no Alexa support yet. Reports have suggested that connectivity with Alexa may be added for both the Symfonisk shelf speaker and the table lamp speaker, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed by either company.

We got to briefly listen to the new speakers. They sound very good, but not quite as good as the popular Sonos One speaker.

The Symfonisk shelf speakers are currently available from Ikea for $99, while the table lamp system retails for $179. At these prices, we expect the speakers will fly off Ikea’s shelves quickly.

Both speakers can be controlled using the Sonos app and can be used in tandem with other Sonos speakers to create a multi-room system.

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