IKEA’s upcoming Sonos-powered Symfonisk speaker gets a sneak preview

Sonos and Ikea are teaming up for a neat wall mountable speaker, but the details are still scarce

IKEA is still weeks away from formally announcing its Sonos-powered Symfonisk speaker, but that hasn’t stopped the company from teasing us with photos of the handsome-looking device.

Designed to be a focal point as much as anything else, the Symfonisk definitely looks the part, however, how well it performs has yet to be seen. In fact, as Engadget reports, there is very little in the way of specs that is currently known about the upcoming collaboration. Nevertheless, considering Sonos’ history of crafting top-notch speakers, we have high hopes.

Symfonisk speaker from Sonos and IKEA

Away from the sonics, the photos lead us to believe the fabric-covered speaker will be somewhere around 8 to 10-inches tall and roughly 2.5-inches wide, making it a perfect for countertops, tabletops, and bookshelves. As an added bonus, it appears the Symfonisk will be wall-mountable, granting even more freedom of expression.

According to sources, IKEA will formally showcase the Symfonisk on April 9th, shipping isn’t scheduled to start until August. We have yet to independently confirm a price.