Hummit is a 3D object marketplace where creators can sell models

The platform democratizes the creation and acquisition of 3D assets

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Hummit is a 3D object marketplace where creators can earn money for selling their 3D models

Wondervari, a Korean startup that aims to improve VR experiences and give everyone access to 3D assets, has launched a web-based 3D object marketplace called Hummit where creators can sell their 3D objects online.

The platform is the company’s first step towards improving overall metaverse experiences and democratizing 3D AR/VR/XR asset creation. The vision for Hummit is to facilitate collaboration through modeling, workspace, and data management tools.

Hummit currently supports gITF, FBX, and OBJ 3D object formats. It came out of beta in October of 2022. According to Wondervari, the platform’s primary goal is to allow creators and clients to connect and collaborate on 3D projects using the platform’s tools.

Hummit is a 3D object marketplace where creators can earn money for selling their 3D models

Where can you sell 3D objects online?

3D model creators on the Hummit platform can sell their 3D assets (like objects and worlds) to earn sustainable income directly from their work, or share their portfolios to attract clients who need their services for 3D projects. Hummit currently takes a 15% cut on the sale of 3D assets and a 20% cut on matching clients with creators.

In the long run, Wondervari wants to develop Hummit into a broad tool for clients and creators to collaborate directly using web-based modeling and editing tools. The company believes that Hummit will increase accessibility to 3D assets and, in doing so, give everyone the opportunity to become creators themselves.

According to Wondervari, Hummit value propositions is three-fold: It offers a user-friendly interface provides a 360-view that allows for easy viewing and interaction with 3D objects, it offers an active community that already comprises of 350 creators and 81 partners that helps foster connections between clients and creators, and last but not least, it offers AI automation tools that allow easy creation and editing of 3D assets using deep learning algorithms.

What’s next for Wondervari?

Wondervari plans to further grow Hummit’s user base (clients and creators) and launch more tools in 2022, including support for ten more 3D object formats, plus additional collaboration features.

The company is also seeking partners to expand in markets outside Korea. Hummit will come to the U.S. in 2024 once Wondervari can secure North American sales and marketing partners.

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