Honor’s luxe Moschino View20 smartphone sure is swanky

The phone is also one of the first notch-less smartphones on the market

Honor just announced that they’ve teamed up with luxury brand Moschino to create a line of high-end tech products/accessories. Starting with the Honor View20, Honor says the iconic Italian fashion brand has helped them create “the perfect fashion-statement” for “phone fashionistas.”

The redesigned View20 keeps its simplistic silhouette, however, Moschino designers have embellished the device with its upscale logo and mascot, giving the phone a more refined, sophisticated appearance.

Available in “Phantom Red” featuring the Moschino bear mascot or “Phantom Blue” with the company’s logo, this newly designed View20 will certainly help you stand out in a crowd.

In addition to the subtle changes to the phone, Honor also worked with the company to create a number of Moschino-designed cases and accessories.

Honor says they’re planning a super exclusive rollout for the Moschino products.

Unfortunately, U.S. buyers won’t be able to easily purchase the $740 (€650) View20, which is destined for high-end retailers across European and the Mid East only.