Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s Big Fried Cheese sandwich is just as cheesy as it sounds

It’s a greasy mixture of cheddar cheese and mozzarella that can be added to any sandwich

Meet Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr’s latest creation dubbed the Big Fried Cheese (BFC). While it sounds like the BFC can be paired with an order of fries and a cold soda to becoming its own menu item, it’s actually just a topping!

Let’s start with a chunk of cheddar cheese and another hunk of mozzarella. Now, let’s dice em’ up and combine em’ together along with some seasoned breading. Next, let’s form our cheesy creation into a patty before we dip it into scalding hot grease for a minute or so. Not too long, just enough time to make it crunch/golden brown on the outside and soft/gooey inside. Doesn’t that sound delicious?!

In any case, the BFC isn’t a standalone menu item. Actually, it’s a topping that’s served on the BFC Angus Thickburger, BFC Frisco Breakfast Sandwich, or any other Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr sandwich that you want to “BFCify” for an extra $3.

Only time will tell if the BFC can make waves like the restaurant’s Froot Loops-inspired mini donuts or CBD-infused “Rocky Mountain High” cheeseburger that was released last year.

The fast-food chains will begin selling the BFC starting today at participating locations throughout the US.