Google’s first-ever retail store opens in NYC today

The store is sustainably built and houses the company’s full suite or products

Google's first-ever retail store opens in NYC today 6

Today, Google opens the doors of its first-ever physical retail store. First announced last May 21st, Google’s first store is situated in Chelsea, New York on West 15th street and 9th Ave. It offers a wide range of services including product experience spaces, after-sales service, and more.

Combining both physical and digital products, Google’s first store features large glass windows that bring in a lot of natural light. A large 17-foot tall circular glass structure that the company calls the Google Imagination Space greets customers as they enter the store.

Google's first-ever retail store opens in NYC today 7

The structure features interactive screens that offer information to visitors. It’s even equipped with Google Translate that operates in real-time. Customers can speak into the exhibit and see their language automatically translated.

Google's first-ever retail store opens in NYC today 8

The Nest Gallery Wall showcases the company’s suite of home products in all its color and material variations, making it easy for customers to see which device would suit their homes.

Stepping into Sandboxes will have customers experience the company’s ecosystem in real-life scenarios. The Nest Sandbox shows how each product communicates with each other in a replicable setup.

Google's first-ever retail store opens in NYC today 9

Apart from Nest products, Google also showcases Stadia and Pixel in their respective sections. Customers can enter the Stadia Sandbox and play games on the company’s cloud service.

Google's first-ever retail store opens in NYC today 10

Pixel fans can check out the Pixel Sandbox where they can test out the latest camera features within a custom light installation.

The store, of course, offers assistance to those who want to purchase or find out about Google’s products. Every part of the store promotes customers to be interactive with their surroundings. An expert will also be always on-hand to answer any questions.

Google's first-ever retail store opens in NYC today 11

Interestingly, Google made it a point to not only create an inviting space for its customers but to do it so sustainably.

The store’s construction follows through with Google’s aim to always include sustainability in their work. From the materials to the mechanical systems, the company considered all aspects on how to make their store earth-friendly.

It’s now one of fewer than 215 spaces to have achieved a LEED Platinum rating. This is the highest certification for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The Google Store Chelsea Opens June 17!
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