A semester-long Golden Girls course is being offered at this university

The hit show will be used to teach age discrimination, sexuality, illness, and retirement

CSU Long Beach is looking to pay homage to the Golden Girls through a semester-long course that covers the classic 80s sitcom.

Taught by faculty in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, the 15-week class will explore various themes from the hit show, including age discrimination, sexuality, illness, and retirement. In addition to hearing from experts in these various fields of study, Long Beach students will also learn by watching select episodes from the iconic series.

In recent years, the Golden Girls have witnessed a bit of a resurgence by capturing the hearts and minds of young people, many of whom were not even born during the show’s heyday.

Not only have the Girls been immortalized in the form of action figures but there’s even Golden Girls-themed cereal, as well as a cookbook on the way (just in case cereal and milk is too simple).

Either way, considering the impact the show had on viewers during its original run, we’re glad to see the Girls are still receiving praise and acclaim for their greatness.

Source: Amplify