Game Boy wristwatch is a tiny Game Boy on your wrist

It’s alarm plays Super Mario Land tunes

This new Game Boy watch is officially licensed by Nintendo and it is sure to give each and every one of its owners a healthy dose of gaming nostalgia while they wear it.

Seeing it reminds us of that classic movie, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, because it pretty much exactly like the original device, only smaller. You’ll be reminded of all those hours you  ̶w̶a̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ spent on the first ever Game boy.

Even the buttons are similar, which is another reason this retro timepiece is a must for fans of the original console.

The alarm isn’t your usual thumping digital equivalent of being hit with a sledgehammer either. Instead, you’ll be woke from your slumber with the original music from Super Mario Land.

As good as that fact is, Nintendo don’t take any responsibility for any funky Tatanga and Princess Daisy related dreams the song used in the alarm might induce.

The watch offers everything you would expect from such a piece too; the date and time are on a pretty display and it lights up and has that cool alarm. All-in-all, we don’t see too much that we don’t like here.

This cool watch does make a nice change from the adult gaming accessories from days gone by. Instead of a flimsy, breakable piece, you’re getting something of a far greater quality and that has got to be welcome. More of these quality products would definitely be welcome.

We can only think of one possible improvement, but we’ve been told that they can’t load actual games onto it… what a shame.

It is available at Firebox for around $28. We also recommend checking out the Game Boy alarm clock.

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