Extreme blackout tattoos

Tattoos are going dark

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Body art has been around for thousands of years, expressing culture, tradition, history, and freedom of speech. The usual monotone and colorful tattoos are great, but have you ever heard of blackout tattoos? They’re just as dark as they sound. These tattoos involve shading an area of skin completely with solid black ink.

Tattoo artists, like Esther Garcia and Hanumantra, have put a dark spin on body ink with their sleek blackout style. Their extraordinary work exudes the understated elegance of the blackout tattoo trend. Trust us, you’re going to want to get yourself one of these once you’ve seen their otherworldly work. 

#1 Black Swan  

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Tattoo artist @Nissaco

Save all the fancy tattoo details for the neck. Shading the arms entirely black is a popular choice amongst blackout tattoo enthusiasts.