Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid review

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid Review
eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid review
Bottom Line
The eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid might be the best investment you can make to automate the cleaning of your home. It's not only a superior and "smart" robot vacuum, but it's a pretty capable mop too. However, it comes with a few tradeoffs.
Laser navigation
Amazing app
Voice prompts
Google Assistant and Alexa support
Very long battery life
Great suction
It can mop!
It's gentle on walls and furniture
Mopping requires a little more work and attention than it may be worth
Small items and toys will stop L70
Can't name or schedule individual rooms
Floor plan resets if you move the vacuum to unfamiliar territory or switch floors
Its height might be too tall for getting under some furniture

Eufy’s L70 Hybrid RoboVac is the ultimate home cleaning luxury. It’s the easiest way to fully automate your home’s vacuuming and mopping… sort of. Robo vacuums are nothing new but Eufy’s L70 packs some really appealing features including a smart app, laser navigation, a fully functional mop, and even Alexa and Google Assistant integrations.

There’s nothing more satisfying than emptying a tray of dust and dirt from your RoboVac and knowing your home is a little cleaner and you did nothing to make that happen. At this point, robo vacuums are very affordable and flooding amazon. We used an inexpensive dumb model for some time and loved it. Eufy L70 made us realize what we were missing out on, and it’s not just the mopping feature.

Form, Size, and Build

L70 is a saucer that floats around your house. It’s not the most unique looking device although we dig the premium clean white matte finish and brushed metal details. All the extra tech makes it a little wider and taller than average. It gets all the same corners and crevices, but measuring about 4 inches tall, it can’t make it under our bed. It has 2 rugged wheels capable of a small climb .79 inches high. Our favorite design element is that the waste tray can be accessed from the top of the unit so you don’t need to pick up L70 to empty the waste.


As a vacuum, we’re not only satisfied but outright impressed with L70’s vacuuming ability. On paper, it has 2200pa of suction, but the true test is how much extra crud it can pick up after a full cycle. It covers rooms systematically going in a structured pattern, ensuring every bit of accessible floor is vacuumed. It’s pretty incredible in this respect. It does such a good job that follow-up runs get very little additional dirt. L70 is even able to pick up dirt that our professional cleaning person misses. L70 is meticulous about hitting every nook and even carefully maneuvers around every table and chair leg. It runs best on hard floors, but it works reasonably well on carpets and rugs too.

Navigation and Laser

Holy cow laser navigation is cool. The built-in laser maps out your entire accessible floor and shows you the exact coverage and placement of the vacuum in real-time from the app. It’s like having a blueprint of your home and it even tells you square feet covered. It effectively gives you a blueprint of your entire floor. After you have this snapshot you can block off rooms or areas that you don’t want to be cleaned. I block off our playroom and other areas where I know the RoboVac will get stuck. Thanks to lasers(!), these no-go zones are perfectly respected.

The big catch with the laser and navigation is that L70 will only remember it as long as it’s not picked up and moved to an unfamiliar location or place where it has iffy communication with the base. If we bring it upstairs, for instance, the new upstairs map will replace the downstairs map. For this reason, we only use L70 downstairs. The vacuum is heavy and awkward enough that we wouldn’t really want to bring it up and down stairs every day anyhow.

With the app, you can set up a zone for RoboVac to clean. We‘ve found this useful but wish we could go a step further and name rooms and schedule rooms on different schedules.

Obstacles and Challenges

Robo vacuums are no match for small toys. Our cat and toddler have plenty of items that will stop L7 in its tracks: wands, string things, small toys, and balls, etc. These items will usually clog the vacuum or get stuck in the rotary. You’ll immediately get a notification on your phone and you’ll hear L70 audibly call out the issue. It’s easy enough to fix and prevent, but can be annoying. We generally just spend a few minutes throwing all these items into our playroom which is designated in the app as a “no go zone”.


While L70 isn’t as loud as most handheld vacuums or full-sized vacuums, it’s not exactly quiet. Eufy markets the noise as “57db”. If it’s in the same room as me, I can hear it over my headphones. There are 4 suction modes from quiet to max and while there’s a noticeable difference in sound I can’t tell such a dramatic difference in cleaning. Quiet mode barely passed my headphone test; I can hear it running in the same room with my headphones on if I listen for it. The big perk in noise is that L70 doesn’t slam into your walls and items thanks to its laser navigation. This is a big differentiator over inexpensive vacuums. L70 is pretty gentle.


Mopping is what makes L70 a hybrid. While I love having the feature I don’t use it often and I assume most owners are the same way. The best part of L70 is how low maintenance it is, and that stops being the case when it comes time for mopping. There’s a small removable water tank on top of the waste tray and a removable mop rag on the bottom of the RoboVac. I have to refill the water dispenser at least once and sometimes twice just to get through my downstairs. You also have to rinse the rag. You’re advised to not use the mop unattended in case the unit gets stuck you don’t want to ruin your floors. It’s also advised that RoboVac does two full vacuumings before mopping. Despite only being able to mop with water, the floors do look and feel better after RoboVac’s mopping. Since the unit doesn’t weigh a ton, it can only provide so much pressure on the floors and won’t get rid of the tougher or stickier grime. Mopping won’t work on rugs or soft surfaces, so you’ll have to set them up as no-mop zones in the app.

Battery and Charging

We’re blown away by the battery. L70 can vacuum our whole downstairs twice. Max runtime is rated at 150 minutes, but we’ve gotten it to go almost 4 hours. This also depends on the conditions and vacuum suction strength. There’s a built-in 5200 mAh battery and the L70 knows how to find the charging base so that you’ll never find a dead Robo Vac in your house.


Scheduling RoboVac L70 is your absolute best bet to ensure a clean home. Ours runs on weekdays right after breakfast. It gives us some time to tidy up a bit and also means it’s done by lunchtime. You can set up different schedules and different suction strengths, but unfortunately, you can’t schedule specific rooms. You also can’t schedule mopping to occur.


There are both Google and Alexa assistant integrations. Honestly, the integration seems a little silly but I did find it useful in a few scenarios to tell RoboVac to stop or pause if I’m in the same room and it’s annoying me.

Pricing and verdict

The Eufy L70 RoboVac retails for $499, but we’ve seen some solid deals on Amazon, where you can get it for $399. At $500, it’s pricey, but it’s not the most expensive Robo Vacuum out there. The only feature it seems to be missing is the automatic dirt disposal where the unit’s waste bin is emptied into a larger bin at the charging base. We have to empty the tray every day, but the top-loading tray makes it easy and we get a weird satisfaction at seeing what it picks up. If we could pay less for Eufy L70 without the mop we’d absolutely buy this over a cheap $100 or $200 model. For us, the mop takes more energy than it’s really worth.

As a vacuum, L70 is almost perfect. Its ability to traverse the entire floor getting every little nook and logging it all in the app has been fantastic. It’s not only detailed but it’s also pretty gentle on our walls and furniture, using the laser navigation to carefully consider them. We love having our whole downstairs mapped out and being able to add virtual boundaries and have it clean specific rooms and areas on-demand.

The only thing L70 is missing is the ability to map out multiple floors and name rooms for better control and scheduling. This may go without saying, but Eufy L70 or any other Robo Vacuum for that matter is not a complete replacement for a semi-regular clean…. but it really goes a long way for removing dust, dirt, crumbs, and hair (lots and lots of hair!). I like to think it buys us time between larger cleanings and keeps our house generally cleaner. As a cat owner (and a crumb maker), I don’t know how I’d give up on these daily scheduled cleanings. I’m blown away with how far Eufy L70 RoboVac has evolved from its predecessor and look forward to seeing how Eufy keeps improving it with the app.

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