eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi review

Eufy’s Smart Lock Touch is the best and easiest way to access and secure your home

Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi review
Bottom Line
The eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi is the best and easiest way to access and secure your home. You can fingerprint yourself into your house faster than it takes to reach into your pocket and grab your phone or keys. You can have it auto-lock behind you, and control your door with a myriad of options from anywhere in the world using the Eufy Security app. While a bit pricey, we highly recommend this product.
Easy install
Intuitive app
Smart integrations with Google and Alexa
Auto-Lock feature
Fingerprint unlock
Supports multiple users and schedules
Comes with physical keys
Durable and built to last
Built-in wifi means you can control it from anywhere
No HomeKit support
Can struggle or jam if there’s too much pressure on your door
A bit pricey

Finally, the eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi is here! This is a smart door lock that has it all. Most notably, this is a fingerprint-enabled deadbolt door lock that’s connected to the cloud and capable of controlling/monitoring your door from anywhere in the world. It takes less than 2 seconds to unlock our door, and there’s no fumbling for a key or phone. A fingerprint is not your only way in either, you can use a code, your phone, or even a physical key. Eufy seems to have thought of everything with this lock and the smart features are even more useful than you’d expect.

Setup and installation

Compatibility and installation is key with the eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi, no pun intended. I’m not the handiest homeowner and I was able to get this installed in a little over an hour by removing my old lock and following the instructions carefully. I was also converting from a handle+lock combination to a new handle + Eufy Smart Lock.  If you know what you’re doing, you could probably install it in under 30 minutes. You’ll want to take a few basic measurements to make sure it’s compatible with your door. The Smart Lock has some built-in flexibility to work with different door and lock types.

We used the paper instructions only to later realize there’s a much more graphic installation guide in the app. Eufy did a nice job of separating the parts into different boxes based on the step number. We can’t speak to every install, but we were happy that the device came with all the parts needed and doesn’t assume your door has some of it already. Of course, you’ll need your own screwdriver, and a power drill is a nice-to-have.


The app is intuitive and easy to use. Setting up fingerprints works much like setting up Touch ID on your phone. You teach it multiple angles and can configure multiple fingers. The app has support for different users. Each user can have multiple fingerprints, a 4-8 digit passcode, and even scheduled access times. It’s worth noting fingerprints are stored locally and not sent back to the cloud.


Fingerprints are the ultimate way to unlock doors: it’s always on you, there’s nothing special to carry, it’s secure, and no one can see it and use it. Of course, technology is not always as reliable as it could be. If your fingerprint doesn’t work, you can use a personalized code that’s been set up in the app. If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, you can unlock it from the Eufy Security app from anywhere with internet. And finally, if that doesn’t work you can go old school and use the supplied key. The smart lock is battery powered and if it happens to die while you’re out, you can power it from outside with a standard micro USB cable. Eufy really covered all their bases — you’re less likely to get locked out and you’re more likely to keep out invaders who would come through the door.


The included battery is 10,000 mAh and should last about 1 year before requiring charging with the included micro-USB cable. You can charge the battery from inside the house while it’s still attached to the lock, or you can easily remove the battery.


As tech enthusiasts, we think Eufy Smart Lock is a really nice-looking device, but tastes vary. It doesn’t honestly look so much different than many of the other smart locks. On the outside, there’s a full touchscreen keypad and a glowing fingerprint detector. On the inside are a turn lock and a large black panel for the tech and battery. Aside from no noticeable keyhole, it works like any other door lock and it’s very intuitive. Because technology is not always perfect, there are some physical keys included and a discreet keyhole cover on the outside of the unit. These are not standard keys.


The device is reportedly built to last. It’s IP65 weatherproof and can withstand conditions I hope I never live to see: -22F to 158F. constructed in an ultra-durable zinc alloy and stainless steel frame that’s impossible to drill through. It’s BHMA-grade safety rated and it’s even certified to lock/unlock 250,000 times. That’s 27 years if you lock/unlock 25 times a day.


So what makes the Eufy smart? Having it hooked up to the internet, app controllable, and Google Assistant / Alexa capable is a good start. There are notifications so you’ll know when the door is locked or unlocked; there’s also a log of these actions in the app. Our favorite feature is auto-lock. You can have this set up always, or on a schedule. Auto-lock will automatically lock the door if it’s unlocked for a period of time. There’s apparently a sensor to detect if the door is closed.

Unfortunately, there’s no notification if your door is opened or closed, only if it’s locked/unlocked. We have ours on a schedule for night time so it doesn’t auto-lock if we run out to get the mail. There’s also a built-in speaker that can announce operations and even issues.

We’ve been using Eufy’s Smart Lock Touch for a month and it’s been pretty incredible. Fingerprint sometimes takes a couple of tries, like in the winter, but it’s otherwise been effortless to use. We’ve fine-tuned the settings a bit to make it even better. For instance, there’s a voice to tell you when the door auto-locks and it was louder than necessary, so we lowered the volume. Also, it doesn’t send push notifications by default when the door is locked/unlocked, so we changed that. The only issue we had was that our front door needed a little pressure pushed on it to lock or unlock the deadbolt, and so at first Eufy couldn’t always auto-lock. It was an issue unrelated to Eufy and we were able to resolve it with our door hinges. The last “smart” feature we look forward to is future app updates and integrations — it’s very likely that this smart lock gets better over time.

eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi review verdict

The eufy Smart Lock lineup is a bit confusing, so we’re here to tell you this is the model to get! There’s a eufy Smart Lock that doesn’t have a fingerprint detector. Then there’s the Smart Lock Touch, but it’s Bluetooth only. This means it’s missing most of the smart features and relies on being connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You may also find a model paired with a WiFi Bridge.

Ultimately, the eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi has it all. It costs a little more but it will make your life that much easier and add peace of mind you didn’t know you needed. The eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi is currently available on Amazon for $249.

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