Eufy Robovac 35c Review: the best robot vacuum for your money

It’s time to dump Roomba

Eufy Robovac 35c review
Bottom Line
Eufy's Robovac 35c is an excellent, affordable alternative to Roomba that offers just about every feature you could want, with the exception of room mapping.
Runs quietly
Powerful suction
Large dustbin canister
Daily scheduling through app
Alexa and Google Assistant support
Long runtime
Low profile design
Well priced
Like most floor vacuum robots, it sometimes gets stuck on things helplessly
Lacks intelligent room-mapping

Eufy gives Roomba yet another wallop of competition with their new Robovac 35c that features Wi-Fi connectivity, 3x improved suction, a large dustbin container, and even quieter functionality. At just $299, the Robovac 35c makes for an excellent, more affordable choice over a Roomba.

Set up and scheduling

The Eufy Robovac 35c comes in a beautiful well-packed box with easy instructions for its set up. Once you clip on the brushes and push in its filters, just plug it in and let it charge while you download the app. Being able to access and manage the Eufy from an app is super convenient. Scheduling specific cleaning times on the app is easy and the notification system lets you easily manage it from afar. To that effect, the app allows you to schedule daily cleanings at the exact time you want. I usually like having my Eufy clean at around 1 pm most days, unless I have a business call, in which case I can just schedule it differently for that day.

Eufy Robovac 35c Review: the best robot vacuum for your money 1
The Eufy app will notify you when your Robovac needs help

You can even name your Robovac in the app. Sure you could go with a clear and concise location specific name like “Living Room” or you could have some fun with it. We have two Robovacs running in our house, so Eufy #1 (Robovac 11s) was named Elon Dust, and to keep it in a space-faring sci-fi way, we chose “Marvin” for the new Robovac 35c. While it may not have a brain the size of a planet like our favorite robot Hitchhiker, it is a great moniker. This results in a lot of discussion about Marvin and Elon Dust in our house because the app will send you notifications when the Eufy 35c gets stuck, lost, or if it needs tending to for some reason.


When we first started using the Robovac 35c, we thought that daily vacuuming might be overkill, and while you have the option of vacuuming only as often as you like via the app scheduling, we were absolutely shocked by how much dirt the Robovac 35c picks up on a daily basis. Here is what the 0.6L debris canister looks like after one session of cleaning an 800 square foot space that houses two dogs and two people:

Eufy Robovac 35c Review: the best robot vacuum for your money 2
We were absolutely shocked by how much dirt the Robovac 35c picks up on a daily basis

The reason the Eufy is able to successfully pick up so much dirt is because of its three spinning brushes that work to loosen the debris up, and its Boost IQ improved suction power technology that automatically kicks up suction when needed. The filter system is also a trifecta of cleanliness thanks to its dual-layer filter and one high-performance filter. You should have to replace the filters about every six months and one extra filter is included in the box.

Because the Eufy 35c can hold up to 0.6L, you can empty out the dust bin less often than with previous models, which for me has been about every other day or so, instead of daily. This is a welcome change of pace.

Another notable improvement over some earlier Eufy models is that this one is quieter. Eufy states that it is 75% quieter than traditional vacuums and that seems about right to us. The 35c model also runs quieter because it bumps into significantly fewer things. We used to laugh at how clunky the Eufy 11s is, bumping into virtually everything repeatedly like the world’s worst drunk burglar, but the Robovac 35c is far more agile and intelligent, and it can run for up to 100 minutes! The brushless motor reduces the loud hum sound other vacuums are known to make.

The Robovac 35c comes with 6 feet of boundary strips for preventing the Eufy from traveling to unwanted areas. Your pets will thank you for this. The 35c vacuum also features the same smart drop sensors as the Robovac 30c, so you don’t have to worry about it taking a tumble down the stairs.

Bottom Line

There is a lot to love about the Eufy Robovac 35c. Not only is it affordable, but it’s clear that Eufy listens to their customer’s feedback and that they’re continuously working to improve their Robovacs.

In any case, its powerful suction, quiet performance, Wi-Fi and app connectivity, a large dust canister, and its convenient low profile design, all make the Eufy Robovac 35c a well rounded and versatile robot vacuum. We also appreciate how the Eufy 35c integrates with both Google Assistant and Alexa for using it with voice commands. We just wish that the Eufy offered intelligent room mapping. Regardless, for just $299.99, Eufy’s Robovac 35c is an excellent value compared to the competition.

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