Tineco Pure One S12 cordless vacuum review: Smart, quiet and powerful

This smart cordless vacuum is rich with features and very powerful

Tineco Pure One S12 cordless vacuum review
Bottom Line
Tineco's Pure One S12 is a sleek cordless smart vacuum that offers powerful suction capabilities along with a host of great features.
Lightweight, cordless and attractive design
Smart and powerful suction
LED screen provides real-time feedback
Great battery life
Comes with lots of accessories, including a wall mount
Works with an accompanying app

Tineco’s Pure One S12 is a smart cordless vacuum that features noise reduction technology and an LED screen that provides real-time feedback. It also works with an app, comes with nine brilliant cleaning accessories, as well as a convenient and swanky wall stand. After spending a few weeks using this neat device, we can safely say that vacuuming has never been so satisfying.

Unboxing and setup

The Tineco Pure One S12 comes in a large box and unboxing it is actually a fun experience. With 9 accessories in tow, you’ll spend lots of time peeling stickers off things and lining them up and wondering how you will ever use all of those accessories. That said, Tineco really has thought of everything with this one. Here is a list of the accessories included:

  • Direct-drive LED multi-tasker power brush
  • Mini power brush
  • 2-in-1 dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Flexible long crevice tool
  • Automatic pre-filter cleaning tool +
  • Extra pre-filter
  • Hair cleaning tool

Thanks to its glass 0.6-liter dustbin, the main body of the vacuum kind of resembles a high-end drip coffee maker.  The beauty of that clear dustbin is that it enables you to get a good idea of what’s being collected as you vacuum, so you’ll easily know when to empty it.

Tineco Pure One S12 cordless vacuum review: Smart, quiet and powerful 2
The Pure One S12 comes with plenty of accessories

By attaching the main long hose you’ll have yourself a super lightweight and modern looking vacuum. However, the Pure One S12 needs to charge up before first being used.

Dust and dirt slayer extraordinaire

The Pure One S12 packs in the Ferrari of vacuums – a 500W “engine” that provides it with the suction power of a 150AW. It also boasts a robust four filter HEPA filter system, it’s made with microfiber composite cotton, a metal etching net, and a cyclone separation filter. Those elements all contribute to making it impressively 99.99 percent effective for filtering out dust. This is extremely important if you have someone at home who is very sensitive to dust, because oftentimes those individuals (myself included) are aggravated by what vacuuming kicks up into the air. Fortunately, this system avoids that secondary pollution.

Tineco Pure One S12 cordless vacuum review: Smart, quiet and powerful 3
The Pure One S12’s display

As you vacuum, a loop on the LED screen (called an iLoop) goes from blue to red, signifying the suction and dust collection levels. The iLoop sensor detects dirt as small as 15 μm and adjusts accordingly.

While there are technically 95 modes to clean with, your best bet is to use Auto mode and to let it do its thing. That said, the customization features are there if you need them. Beyond those details, the screen also shows you the device’s battery life, filter conditions, and possible malfunction issues. All of this data syncs to the companion app and lets you further manage that information from there.

The included two 2500mAh batteries offer 100-minute worktimes, so you can even take this out to the garage and clean your car with it completely untethered to messy cords.

It’s super quiet

Vacuums by their very nature can only perform ever so quietly, but the Pure One S12 vacuum really lives up to the claim that it runs relatively quietly. At the lowest level, it exhibits 71 dB(A) of noise levels, which is about on par with background music or the conversation sound levels in a restaurant. So essentially, the Pure One 12 will wake up a baby, but it won’t hurt your ears the way most other vacuums do.

While it’s not mandatory to use, there is an included wall-mount for the Pure One 12 vacuum that holds two batteries to charge, and three accessories. The rest of the accessories fit in a fabric drawstring bag. Mounting the wall-mount to a wall takes about 5 minutes of work with the included hardware and a drill. It will leave pretty good size holes in the wall so beware if you are a renter, but once the wall mount is up, you will love it so much you will never want to go back to foraging through a closet for the vacuum again. The wall-mount looks beautiful installed on the wall, and it isn’t an eyesore at all. Instead, it is so futuristic and attractive looking that guests often comment on it and it makes for fun conversation.

Self-cleaning no-rinse filters

Most other vacuums expect you to find your own way to clean or replace the filters. But not this one. The Pure One S12 comes with a self-cleaning tool that cleans the filter in about a minute. So there’s no washing it or having to wait for 24 hours as you have to with many other brands. This is a brilliant and useful feature.

Bottom line

Tineco’s Pure One S12 is a sleek, attractive, noise-reducing smart vacuum that offers extraordinary suction capabilities and very healthy battery life. Retailing for $549, it might not be cheap but the price is justified thanks to its smart features, as well as the wealth of accessories that are included in the box. You can pick up the Pure One S12 for $549 at Amazon.

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