Etch A Sketch Stan Lee Edition inspires artists to create their own comic book superheroes

The collectible item is now available on the Etch A Sketch website for $19.99

Toy company Spin Master has released a limited-edition Etch A Sketch honoring the legendary comic book writer Stan Lee.

Officially called Etch A Sketch Stan Lee Limited-Edition, this drawing toy brings the late Marvel icon back to life in a new fun way. Featuring the original magic screen to draw on, this edition of Etch A Sketch comes with a pair of knobs etched with a cartoon graphic of Lee’s face.

It is also decked out with a colorful comic book-themed frame showing cute illustrations of Lee riding a kart, sitting on a throne, typing on a typewriter, throwing a punch, and doing Spider-Man’s signature hand gesture. Lee’s popular catchphrase “Excelsior!” is also included in the frame design as well as a speech bubble with the words “How to be a cameo king…” written inside.

Etch A Sketch Stan Lee Edition is perfect for those who love to create their own superheroes or draw Marvel characters co-created by Lee such as Spider-Man, Iron-Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and many others. For fans who are not into drawing, this collectible item makes a great display next to a shelf of comic books.

Etch A Sketch Stan Lee Edition is now available in limited quantities on for $19.99. It will be on sale in retail stores across the country later this year for a limited time.

In related news, Spin Master is also releasing a limited-edition Etch A Sketch inspired by the best-selling puzzle, Rubik’s Cube. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 3D puzzle, Etch A Sketch Rubik’s Cube Limited-Edition features a brightly-colored Rubik’s Cube mosaic frame, cube knobs, and the original magic screen to draw on. It will be available on for $19.99 starting May 18th.

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