This drone racing league is actively recruiting pilots with a game simulator

The Drone Champions League has released a game simulator to recruit new pilots

This drone racing league is actively recruiting pilots with a game simulator 1

Imagine we’re reliving the year 2000 – if someone had told you that we were just a few decades away from PC gamers begin hailed as world-class athletes, what would you think?

If we’re being totally honest, you’d probably laugh at such a notion.

Nevertheless, here we are deep in the midst of an era where the world’s top e-sports stars are on par with basketball, football, and soccer superstars in terms of fame, acclaim, and even pay!

Many believe organized drone racing will become the next new sport to take the world by storm in the coming decades.

As more and more people learn about professional drone racing, more and more competitions are popping up, but of them all, the drone champions league (DCL) is the current de facto leader in the space.

Luckily for us (and anyone else interested), DCL is actively recruiting talented pilots to join its league. However, you’ll have to prove yourself first!

Earlier this month DCL released a free drone racing demo that anyone can download. Available through Steam, the simulator allows players prove themselves as they flying the latest racing drones around real-world DCL tracks.

With the ability to compete against yourself (ghost mode) or others (online), DCL – The Game is being used to help the league rank the world’s best pilots.

According to officials, players who rank in the top 200 will get a chance to compete in a real-world competition. Between now and February 16th, DCL says they’ll keep track of the best scores and invite select racers to its two-day Draft Selection Event held in France on the 23rd and 24th of February.

If you think you have what it takes, here’s your chance to find out. You can learn more about the specifics and requirements from DCL’s official website.

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