The Director app teaches you how to become a K-pop star

The app helps budding musicians learn about K-pop music production, choreography, and video direction

The Director app teaches you how to become a K-pop star 1

There’s no denying the popularity of K-pop, K-dramas, and other entertainment coming out of Korea (K-content) these days, especially among gen-Z fans located in the Americas, Europe, and SouthEast Asia. But have fans ever wondered how they can become a K-pop star too?

Korean record label Frontrow wants to tap into this audience with an app (mobile and web) called The Director – a virtual educational platform for overseas K-content fans aspiring to work in the K-content industry.

Simultaneously, The Director provides Korean content creators an opportunity to connect with overseas K-content fans to explore new business and growth opportunities outside of Korea.

Besides giving K-content fans the chance to learn more about Korean culture, Frontrow is actively developing educational content for The Director, covering topics such as K-pop music production, choreography, and video direction.

The Director marketing slide
The Director marketing slide

Right now, the educational content available in The Director consists primarily of curated motivational speeches by various professionals in the K-content industry, but Frontrow plans to add virtual masterclass-like courses and lessons in the future.

The idea is for the app to incubate and mentor new talent for the K-content industry from this large pool (200 million strong) of highly-motivated overseas K-content fans.

The educational content in The Director will remain free for the first year, but Frontrow is currently looking into monetizing the app with a $10-$15 per month subscription fee. In addition, the company is exploring ways of adding ticket and merchandise sales right inside the app by partnering with K-content artists, like UK-based K-pop (and Frontrow) artist Kaachi.

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