Death Star pet cave is more adorable than an Ewok

Your cat is about to join the dark side. Unless he was already there?

Star Wars™ Death Star Pet Cave

Who knew that the Dark Side could be so adorable?

The good folks behind this animal lounger at Foundry have hit a sweet spot with pet-owning Star Wars fans, by recreating the battle station for their little fluffy friends. The Death Star pet cave looks incredibly cute and it even has a comfy cushion on the inside for a small animal to snuggle in, as they try to destroy galaxies far, far away. So if your pet is on a quest for comfort, this might be the droid that they are looking for… and by droid, we obviously mean bed.

It’s not just great for your little Jedis either – the bed also has a whole bunch of advantages for you. For instance, it is machine washable and has a non-slip base to make sure all those cat and dog lightsaber fights have a happy ending.

The only potential problem is the bed’s size. It is ideal for small cats or dogs, but anything bigger than a terrier might struggle for comfort. You can forget about fitting a Wookie in there, and as for Chewie, he’ll have to get his own bed.

Foundry has priced the Death Star Pet Cave at a reasonable $42, and they are currently available for pre-order.

Death star cat bed

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