Crispy M&M’s Spread is now available in the U.S. via Amazon

The chocolate hazelnut spread was previously exclusive to the U.K.

Crispy M&M’s Spread is now available in the U.S. via Amazon 1

The Crispy M&M’s Spread has finally arrived stateside.

Launched in January 2018, the chocolaty spread filled with colored crispy balls was previously exclusive to the U.K. But after almost two years of waiting, M&M’s lovers in the U.S. can now get their hands on the sweet treat via Amazon, where it is priced at $9 – $17 per 350-gram jar.

The Crispy M&Ms Spread, however, isn’t eligible for Amazon Prime, so M&M’s fans have to be extra patient in waiting for their orders to arrive. For instance, Amazon says that those who will purchase the spread this week might need to wait up until the latter part of December to receive their orders.

Now Available

Crispy M&M’s Spread

A 350-gram jar of chocolate hazelnut spread filled with colored crispy balls

$9 - 17

Though the Crispy M&M’s Spread is pretty much a liquefied version of regular Crispy M&M’s, it’s significant to note that it actually has some hazelnut flavoring in the mix, making it more like a crispy version of its rival spread Nutella.

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Pick your favourite spread! Slide 1: @mmschocolate , 2: Milka, 3: @morrisons hazelnut white chocolate, 4: @marksandspencerfoodpr cookies and cream, 5: biscoff from @lotusbiscoffus, 6: @peacocuk chocolate peanut, 7: @blackmilkcereal Kinderella, 8: @nutella 9: @byronbaypeanutbutter birthday cake peanut butter from @panda333 ?, 10: @morrisons caramel chocolate. My spread collection is ever expanding! My staples are biscoff and m&ms but I’m loving the new @blackmilkcereal Kinderella and @morrisons white chocolate hazelnut spread. Any other recommendations? ? #food #foodie #foodporn #foodgasm #chocolate #cheatmeal #chocolates #biscoff #junkfood #foodstagram #dessert #desserts #dessertporn #yummy #milka #melt #chocolatelover #whitechocolate #delicious #spreads #newfood #strongnotskinny #video #cheatday #eatingfortheinsta #junkfood #foodstagram #peanutbutter #recovery #hungry #foodstagram #chocolate #melt #newfood #nutella @bm_stores

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Though it’s not clear when Mars — makers of M&M’s — started working on the condiment, some people believe that the Crispy M&M’s Spread is inspired by the 2017 tweet below.

Crispy M&M’s, originally called M&M’s Crispy, was launched as a limited-edition snack in the late 1990s. After being discontinued by Mars in 2005, Crispy M&M’s became the most sought-after discontinued M&M’s product of all time. Fans started petitions, created Facebook posts, and flooded the lines of the company’s customer service line, asking them to bring back the candies. Apparently, Mars granted the request of its customers and officially re-introduced Crispy M&M’s as a permanent M&M’s variant in January 2015.

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